As children, we all have been disappointed or mistreated by our parents or our immediate environment.

We tend to carry these unhealed wounds as adults and we are trying to fulfill childhood wishes or resolve injustices from our past, subconsciously when we chose a new lover. When we meet someone new, we know exactly what we are in for, right at that moment, on a level. Consciously we ignore our emerging instincts and construct based on repressed desires and wishes. These relationships have a predefined structure.

Power struggle forces, ego games and often psychological or physical violence are some of the occurring ingredients for such patterns. In order to break free from this vicious repetitive cycle one needs to find their inner strength and realize that happiness can only emerge from within. If you want to know more about the causes and effects of destructive relationship patterns, read the following article.

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There’s a reason we keep attracting the wrong people into our lives. It’s a subconscious internal battle between your spiritual/higher self and our hurt self.

The hurt self or ego is constantly looking for things that are familiar and things that it thinks will make it happy. Plus, if you have a wounded inner child (most of us do), that child will constantly seek out ways to heal those wounds.

But the problem is it doesn’t know how to heal them, so it seeks that which is familiar… pain.

Again be aware, this is all subconscious because consciously nobody wants pain.

Here’s what happens… If your ego or hurt self is controlling you on auto pilot, it’s guiding you into one bad relationship after another. Because your ego subconsciously is moving towards that which is familiar. Have you done this?

Does it seem you keep running the same relationship patterns that lead you to people who are wrong for you? This is precisely why.

The thing about the ego is, it always thinks that more of anything will equal more happiness. Because when it comes down to it, happiness is all we really want in the end. But the ego thinks it comes from more money, more stuff, more sex, better relationships, bigger cars, better houses.

And we all know that’s not true. Just look at all the celebrities and top 1% that appear to have it all, yet are miserable, depressed and addicted to alcohol and OxyContin who eventually wind up on Celebrity Rehab.

The reason why we have so many relationship problems is because the relationships we’ve had since birth have given us more emotional wounds than anything else combined. When you were a kid I’m sure there were times when your parents let you down. Or worse, maybe you were abused.

As an adult we’ve all had our hearts torn out from our chest by someone who we thought loved us. And of course with the divorce rate at 50%, that means millions of people are walking around hiding their hurt, yet subconsciously seeking more.

The key is, you have to come from your higher self to find the relationship of your dreams. We have to know that if what we really seek is happiness, it comes from the inside, not the outside.

And Happiness Is Only A Feeling Whose True Root Is Found In Love

If all your feelings come from within, then all we have to do is make a conscious effort to activate those feelings. And the best way to start is to simply love yourself first. Because if you don’t love yourself, you won’t have the capacity to love others. And, you won’t allow others to love you back…

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