Our dream narratives can help us identify easier the meaning of our dreams in order to understand the secret issues that are hiding in our subconscious mind.

There are four most common dreaming contents and can be categorized in the following manner: Problem Solving, Telepathic Communication, Precognitive and Secrets Revealed. Problem solving are often connected with something real. For example we may be dreaming that we are having a specific work issue and in our we are visualizing a weird solution to that problem.

This dream may take place in the future or present time. In real life we may be facing difficulties at work without knowing how to deal with them. In this case our dream narrative is giving us the solution in the form of a riddle. It is up to us to try and solve this puzzle by following a specific mind path. For more details on the categories, read the following article.

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Key Themes in Dream Content

Every living human, then and now, will have dream content that is unique to their soul’s journey. But there are themes in the human experience that make dream study significant, and an important component of your journey towards enlightenment. These are the most common themes and reasons to include dream study on your own personal journey and quest.

Problem Solving: There is a reason for everything, and a reason why we dream the unique things that we do. They don’t happen for nothing. One of the most common reasons and themes of our dreams is problem solving, and these are often precognitive dreams. You may see you doing something in your dream in the future, or even in the present, that is relevant to a certain situation in your waking life. This is dream content showing you how to solve this particular problem.

Telepathic Communication: We talk a lot here about soul connection and twin flames. Almost every day! Dreams are a very important portal for your soul connections, and for many people, the only portal. If people that you “don’t know” or, “feel that you know but you don’t know why” appear in your dream, this is often a soul connection or twin flame appearing to communicate with you. Twin flames communicate frequently to each other, almost exclusively to each other, in this method. Soul connections often find other means, but use dreams as an important channel for telepathic communication, especially in times of crisis or epic change. Twins on the other hand might use it just to check in with you.

Precognitive: Precognitive dreams are dreams that foretell the future. They’ve been recorded everywhere from The Bible to the Akashic Records to….everywhere. And you have them too! You just need to pay attention more to what your dreams are really showing you. When you start paying attention, you begin to notice more and feel even like you are dreaming more. You aren’t, you are dreaming the same amount, but you are just noticing more frequently that this information is important information. Every little symbol counts, especially in precognitive dreams, as sometimes just one flash of a dream can foretell an entire event or experience in your life, or someone elses! I’ve seen for example one precognitive dream where I just received one single picture, like a photograph almost, that just flashed to me for less than a second. When discussing it with the dreamer in question, and brainstorming on its possible meaning, we were able to free associate to the point where I could predict an event for them that lasted almost 14 years! Every. Symbol. Matters. The soul knows what the soul knows.

Secrets Revealed: In your waking life you may experience situations or problems where you know you are not being told all that you need to know in order to navigate the problem successfully. Maybe you feel there is deception around you, but aren’t sure why or how. Maybe you want to close a deal but just feel like you don’t have all of the facts yet. Maybe you are considering a relationship, but there’s just something about this person you can’t quite put your finger on. These secrets, and the many more secrets that make up your waking life can be found in your dream content. You may get a tarot reading even for example to see if any of these hunches of yours are right, and be told that all of the information is not available at this time. That’s because there is more to the picture that your waking life is not able to process, or is not receiving, at this time. This is when dreams become very powerful secret revealers. Again, one little flash of a photograph or frame of a symbol can reveal all of the information you need to make the best decisions in your waking life. You have these dreams for a reason, use them wisely…

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