Law Of Attraction – The Ultimate Guide To Realizing Your Desires

Do you know of the phrase, a saying that goes, “Like Attracts Like”? How about the maxim of a kind of faith that you can get whatever you want in life as long as you believe you’re getting it? That is exactly what the Law of Attraction is. It’s a New philosophy that’s rapidly gaining more and more believers from all over the world. It’s not a religion, nor is it superstition. It works because the of the universe is massive, infinite and can grant any , as long as It knows what exactly it is that you want. Are you ready to learn all about the Law of Attraction, its history and how to harness this fantastic power for your own gain? Read on, and believe!

The History Of The Law Of Attraction

So, how could a concept that is tied to the power of the universe itself originate? Did it come with the evolution of humans, recorded in stone and hieroglyphics, or uttered in mantras and dream-like states by seers, prophets and philosophers?

Believe it or not, the concept of the Law of Attraction and the promise of a great, untapped potential as old as the universe itself was “discovered” in the 19th century. Phineas Quimby and his influential “New Thought Movement”, an offshoot of a branch in the overall scheme of New Age thinking, introduced the basic premises of the Law of Attraction. Though it was not coined as the term “Law of Attraction” then, it was the same concept.

If we dig further back in time, you will see that the actual phrase was uttered in a chapter of a book published in 1887. Helen Blatvatsy’s book, entitled Isis Unveiled, contained the magic words recorded in pen and put to paper. The world wasn’t ready to receive the wonderful gift then, so it came to pass unnoticed. Forward-thinking authors Ralph Waldo Trine and Charles Haanel rediscovered the words, and coined it for their own use. They believed that the phrase, which was then restricted to health aspects, should not be so limited and should be applied to all other human aspects.

Flash forward in time, and we now have New Thought Movement champions such as Thomas Troward and Rhonda Byrne spreading the word about the Law of Attraction and its benefits. Thomas Troward is the inspiration behind critically-acclaimed documentary and book adaptation The Secret, one that captured the imagination of millions around the world. This book was perhaps the single most influential medium, a tour-de-force that spread awareness in the 20th century. Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, featured the awesome benefits and teachings of the Law of Attraction which came from herself and many other New Thought Movement authors. In fact, The Secret may be one of the most important medium that was instrumental for the proliferation of this law in New Thought Movement books and websites in this day and age.

Those who are thirsty for added knowledge about the Law of Attraction will be sure to find many, many other historical facts and references (though maybe not of the same title, but certainly of the same concept and belief) scattered throughout both ancient times and modern age.

Law Of Attraction: The Philosophical and Religious Basis

Famous historical figures have been documented to state the principle of the Law of Attraction in many forms. Some of the most common references between religious and philosophical traditions are Hinduism, New England Transcendentalism, and Hermeticism. You can find various passages stating this very powerful phrase in Christianity, hidden in the Bible. You can find it in the East, in Babylon, from Muslims. You can find it anywhere.

Jesus was quoted in the Scripture as saying: “Ask, and it shall be given. Seek, and you shall certainly find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.” Want another one? “All these things shall be yours, all these things whatsoever, long as you ask in prayer, and believe- you shall receive.” He spoke of our innate power to create, to harness the universe’s power of the Law of Attraction.

How about Buddha? “All of who we are is the direct result of who we think we are.” Inspiring, isn’t it?

Ancient Egypt also has its fair share of this wonderful law. Hermes Trismegistus, great mystic, sage and New Thought believer, lay down the Spiritual Laws that had an exact idea of this principle, recorded in the annals of Egyptian history.

George Ripley and the Transcendentalist Movement had the right purpose and idea. New Thought was relatively new then, but George made it possible to spread the fantastic law throughout the whole of United States. Transcendentalism was, in whole, the idea that “the mind superior than matter”.

Hermeticism and the emergence of the Renaissance was also largely influenced by the Law of Attraction. The general idea of Alchemy, introduced by prominent figures van Helmont and Paracelsus captured Franz Mesmer’s imagination in the early 18th century. The alchemists believed that the power of the imagination can be made tangible, from which Mesmer’s thinking of Animal magnetism was derived. Coincidentally, this is the same well of idea from where Phineas Quimby derived the New Thought Movement from.

19th century time saw Swami Vivekananda travel to the US for lectures and to spread the word about Hinduism. This fascinated the New Thought Movement since the beliefs were in total alignment. William Walker Atkinson was one of the attendees, who went and became one of the foremost pioneers of the movement. These authors often draw from the Bible and other historical literature to quote the potent powers of the Law of Attraction.

Simply knowing what the Law of Attraction is and how it came to be isn’t enough to harness your thoughts and desires, and to effectively make manifest them into actual being. How does the Law of Attraction really work, and how do you make manifest your deepest desires?

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How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

A good number of people may have no idea about it, but the Law of Attraction is what governs their whole, day-to-day life and the circumstances that happen to them!

Let’s repeat what the Law of Attraction is again: The Law of Attraction states that any goal or desire can be turned into a tangible idea and be made physically manifest in your life, as long as you keep wanting it. No matter how improbable, how impossible or how unlikely the goal is, this law says that you just have to wait and continue believing, and then there will be results. The force here is the universal force’s attraction, which acts like a magnet, drawing in what you think about to your life. To put it in a sentence- What you think, you get. What you believe, happens.

There’s just one little requirement for this law. The person who wishes to get what he or she wants has to know the difference between rational processes (such as goal-setting), and emotional, habitual processes (such as achieving goals). The Law of Attraction is most powerful when both of these essential processes are in perfect harmony. Both sides of the brain must be in touch with each other, like a beautiful symphony.

You see, the desire itself sends out a cosmic vibration, a force that makes it known to the universe. That vibration weakens as it gets out farther and farther (like sound), and so sometimes it doesn’t reach its destination. Your desires and goals are conscious and live on your deductive reasoning and imagination. Why deductive reasoning? Because, choosing and selecting what you really want out of the many options is part of rational, deductive reasoning. An idea resonates and emits a frequency, powered by your brain cells. The hundreds of trillions of cells in your being carry the power to make that frequency travel until it becomes tangible and real. The subconscious mind implements, and the conscious mind chooses.

Law Of Attraction Claims and Applications


New Thought authors have a sole claim that in health, what you think will affect how you feel. Daily negative thoughts such as fears, worries, anxieties and stress are direct components of a sick man, but happy thoughts such as love, gratitude and peace will make a person live longer and can even cure serious illnesses.

Financial Wealth

Financial gurus have been saying this for years- think prosperous thoughts, and the universe will provide all the money you need. A person who negatively thinks they won’t have enough money forever will be stuck in the same financial rut, over and over again. A quick way to introduce unlimited wealth is to be happy and grateful for the money you have.

Love and Relationships

What we focus on the most in love and in relationships will bring more of the same. A wife or a husband who focuses solely on their partner’s good qualities will get more of the good stuff as time goes on. A fun fact: the greatest love of all is the love you have for yourself. Once you have this down pat, then others will come to love you as you are.

Goals and Ambitions

Bring enough detail to paper about your goals, and pretty soon they will come to fruition. This is the concept of the Law of Attraction, one that has been written over and over in self-help and time management books. Once you commit pen to paper and proceed to do it, then you’ve set a universal force in motion that attracts order and success that culminates in the completion of the said goal. Then comes success!

How To Effectively Use The Law of Attraction

The good thing about this powerful, all-encompassing principle is that it doesn’t cost you a thing to get started. All you need is to bring out your deepest desires and your mind. That’s it!

You can even start from nothing, and use the Law of Attraction to create a snowball effect to the culmination of your dreams and desires. Build a solid foundation of wealth, then use it as a springboard for other great things you desire. Cars, women, power, or something simple as good health, good friends and a good relationship can be yours just by thinking about it.

The universe is on your side, and it wants to help. It has the complete capability to grant whatever you want, no matter how big it is. Start out with this thinking and you will be well on your way to prosperity.

Begin by having a set goal in mind. The goal in question has to be really specific and not just an afterthought. It shouldn’t be just a car; it should be a red Porsche 911 with aftermarket parts. It shouldn’t be just money or wealth; it should be ten thousand, or a hundred thousand dollars. The more specific, the better. Never doubt that it’s out of reach, or that you’re dreaming an impossible dream.

Bring that desire front and center, and focus on it each and everyday. Bring those thoughts with you on a present tense; imagine that you already have that ten thousand dollars in your bank, or that red Porsche 911 in your garage. Admire the sleek finish, the way the premium seats feel as you sit on it. We understand that no mortal can resist having doubts and uncertainties while waiting for the desire to be made manifest, so set aside some time to harness your mind with daily meditation while believing in the Law of Attraction.

Like goal setting, you should write down your wish in pen and paper. Focus on the positive instead of the negatives. Send out those desire vibrations that was mentioned earlier- the stronger the vibes, the more power it has. Live like you are already on your way to getting that thing you wanted most.

In closing, place your full trust on the omnipotent universe and its immense power. The wish that you so most desire will undoubtedly and truly be yours! The universe and the Law of Attraction is well on its way to deliver your desire. It might take a while because the powers-that-be are still waiting for the perfect moment. Don’t give up! It will come when you least expect it. Who knows, you may just wake up one morning and the dream will have become reality.

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