In order to be able to cross the path towards the truth, the three parts that consist the human existence; the mind, the soul and the body need to be unlocked with different but also suitable methods that will liberate each of the previous elements accordingly. If one of the three parts remains inactive or not unresponsive to development, the other two will also cease being eager to awake. All the remaining effort will seem almost robotic until it fades away to meaningless existence. Therefore it is important to be consciously open to the progress of each individual component of the human self.

In order to keep the mind alert and use the tool of logic to control our feelings and physical condition we will need to create a virtual self that remains an objective to our thoughts and actions, in other words a kindly judgmental self that is there to guide us without directly interfering to the needs and desires of our nature, at first. The ‘objective observer’ will be there to note specific ways of our behavior, interactions and ways of communication with others but also to analyze our feelings, illusions and delusions. He is there to witness the ways we treat our body and notice the amount of respect we have for ourselves.

The ‘objective observer’ is not judgmental and is not trying to create guilty thoughts and feelings. On the contrary he seems empathetic and considerate towards our choices whether they are harmful or not. He perceives our choices as lessons and not as repeated mistakes. The reason we have created this virtual self is to prevent us from entering into vicious circles of recurrent self-destructive behaviors in the first place. The observer will justify our actions by analyzing all the reasons for their occurrence going back even to our childhood years if necessary. He is not there to judge but to constantly remind us that we are not as damaging as we think we are but simply human. The use of this repetitive reminder is the first step into becoming our true selves.


In order to find and nourish our true identity we must first learn to forgive ourselves sincerely. We must listen to the ‘objective observer’ within and look for clues that will assist to our spiritual development. In order to make life real we must firstly learn to exist without fear. Fear is caused by judgement and consequently guilt, unjustified sense of responsibility, a duty that results to shame.

Therefore we need to release ourselves from this soul-destroying burden and surrender to the wonder of life.

The modern man is isolated and has lost the purpose for living, depriving himself from all the miracles of life. In order to recognize the truth that has been revealed in various forms throughout the course of life, the modern man must start from the beginning. We may use the observer to slowly erase the fear that has been self-implanted into the soul and find the way back to simplicity. We can then appreciate the simple things that life has to offer, for example a smile, a good meal, an interesting conversation, a loving kiss and find meaning again. By learning to use every circumstance in life as an instrument for absorbing the truth, we will be able to exist in constant awareness and live in the present time. For the purification of the mind, body and soul one must learn to appreciate time as a sequence of living moments. Every moment lives, dies and lasts for a moment…

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