Connecting with our soul mate is about loving truly, freely and unconditionally.

It is an emotion far more superior to just “being in love”. When we fall in we experience feelings of an egotistic or even narcissistic character. We see our own ego in the eyes of our lover and this is why we are often afraid. We may be scared that they don’t like us anymore because they haven’t phoned for a few hours or that they are neglecting us because they forgot to give us a morning kiss. Falling in love is all about our personal ego.

True love is beyond egocentric emotions. Our becomes our priority. No matter if they hurt us or ignore us, love is always there, unconditionally. If we are able to feed this love and nourish it we will accomplish a true connection with our mate. For more details on how to truly connect with your soul mate, read the following article.

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2. Use your past as a tool in strengthening your bond.

Unlike new loves, with a soul mate love you have a history. That might be this lifetime, it might be another lifetime. But you can use that to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your soul mate, even if you two aren’t together right now. Past history has a different vibration in soul mate relationships than it does in non soul mate relationships, and that is the vibration of this magic of unconditional love.

When you remind your soul mate of past memories, connections, dreams, and experiences, they go back to that vibration of unconditional love and feel closer to you. So, even if you haven’t talked to your soul mate in years, an email with a funny picture of something that reminds them of you and a shared experience can be very powerful. Use it wisely, and don’t forget about the unconditional love!

3. Love yourself unconditionally first.

A lot of time our soul mates leave us, or take a long time coming back to us because they see or they feel in our soul that we are hurting, or that we do not find ourselves worthy. Universe sees this as well. So if you have been hurt by a soul mate, or did some hurting yourself and are now apart from your soul mate, you need to let this go and forgive yourself, or love yourself unconditionally first. It is human to err, and divine to forgive, and that does not always apply to others. Sometimes it applies to our Selves. Forgive and love yourself as greatly as you possibly can, especially when your soul mate is not near, and that vibration can not go anywhere but out into the world. Universe also wants you to have faith in your Self that you deserve the returned gift of unconditional love.

If you aren’t manifesting that faith, through taking care of yourself, taking care of your career, taking care of your life and loving every minute of it, Universe will hold back on when it sends your soul mate back. Respect and love and forgive your Self, and your soul mate will too. They will also see and sense and feel that unconditional love, in the event that they need the forgiveness, and will be more inclined to come back into your current lifetime experience.

4. Look for and ask for signs.

People get confused by this. They think signs have to be big and bold experiences that come out of nowhere and hit us like thunderbolts. The universe can work that way sometimes, but not always. A sign from your soul mate could be something as simple as a feather dropping on your desk out of nowhere. When it comes to signs, asking for them will help to increase their frequency, as it registers with the Universe your faith in soul mate love. Ask the Universe, your angels and guides, whatever you believe in, to send you signs that you are on the right path. Remember this is your life, your love, your soul mate, so you are entitled to be as specific as you want with the Universe. I’ve been known to ask my angels for “17” when I need a little faith reminder that all things are good. And I get it. Sometimes it’s on a license plate, sometimes it’s on a street number, sometimes it’s just a time on my phone. But if you ask for a specific sign, and believe that you will get the answer, then you will…

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