Virgos are generally very practical and blunt people.

When a is coming to an end male Virgos don’t stay and suffer through it. The usually finish it on time and move on. Although they can be very patient and put up with a lot of things until they admit that it is over, they like to be honest and straightforward when it comes to such serious decisions. They will give their partner very direct signs, telling them that they have lost interest in them.

1. He is blunt

Virgos can become very blunt when they in their partner. In order for that to happen, you need to either become pushy and have a lot of demands or if you are in the beginning of the relationship you possibly came on to them too hard. Virgos like to take their time and overthink of things, evaluate the situation and slowly show you their softer side. This takes time and patience. They hate rushing into things as they want to slowly trust the other person, in order to create a solid relationship that works on a deeper level. When a woman is acting hastily and overloads them with her impulsive expression of emotions from the first few dates they may see her as desperate and pull away. They will lose interest and show it instantly as they don’t like to lose their time on love games.

2. He will ignore you

If you are in a long-term relationship and your Virgo partner has completely lost interest in you, he will start ignoring you. He will stop returning your calls, come across as cold and distant, rarely smile and will stop expressing his affection towards you. As male Virgos are really honest and practical people they will not be able to hide their emotions of indifference. They won’t see a reason why to not communicate their real feelings. Yes, they might hurt you with their honesty but they will also save you from a more painful situation that could occur.


3. He will become critical

If a male Virgo , he will start mentioning your weaknesses and flaws. He might even start comparing you with other woman that he seems to admire quite a lot in order to tell you that this relationship is over. You should not allow that to happen. Take the hint and leave this relationship, sooner rather than later. You should finish it before you lose your self-respect.

4. He will over-analyze the relationship

Virgos can become overly analytic when they are not happy in a relationship. They will start to question the way you two communicate and investigate all the behavioral patterns in your relationship. This means they are not content with what they are experiencing and they want to change it or finish it. If you are in a long-term relationship and you deeply care for your Virgo partner then you should try and be responsive and understanding towards their criticism. Maybe you have neglected their needs and desires in the past and they hold that against you. If you really love them you should make the effort to really listen to what they have to say and try and work on your relationship together.

Male Virgos are very tender partners and are ready to put up with a lot of things if they really love their partner. Try not to take advantage of their generosity and patience and you will notice a deep appreciation from their part. It is true that male Virgos can be the most devoted partners when they find true love.

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