Pisces are the twelfth sign of the Zodiac Family and this is why they can have a few personality characteristics from each Zodiac sign.

This is also the reason they can be so receptive. are very good listeners and empathize directly with situations or people. Being hypersensitive yet versatile, they tend to experience constant changes of sensations.

Pisces men can be very devoted when they fall in love, but in order to keep them interested it needs a lot of work as they tend to lose focus easily. They may experience a continuous alternation of intense emotion which could finally result to boredom. Here are four signs that can help you understand if your Pisces Man is bored in the .

1. He is losing touch

If he used to call or be around all the time and now he vaguely keeps touch, then it is almost certain he is not interested in you anymore. Pisces are expressing their feelings impulsively. They find it difficult to be reserved emotionally. So if he is suddenly drawn away it can only suggest a lack of intensity in their emotional world.

2. He is less intimate

The most obvious indication that he can be the lack of intimacy. Male Pisces can be like an open book. They can’t hide how they feel. You can see everything in their eyes. When they are in love they express their affection with great spontaneity. If their emotions for you have changed, you will notice a big difference as they become less intimate either in love-making or in your shared daily lives. Keep an eye for such a behavior as it is a definite sign he is starting to lose interest.


3. He pretends the relationship is ideal

Pisces tend to give priority to the emotions of others rather than their own when they are involved in a serious intimate relationship. They hate hurting their partner because they don’t even want to imagine being hurt by someone. As they empathize to a great extend to the emotional world of their partner, they will not want to reject them even when they are not interested erotically anymore. So they may pretend or fantasize they are in an ideal relationship. The only way to distinguish such a behavior is if your Pisces man turns from hot to cold too often. When he is distant he wants to end it and when he is suddenly intimate he feels guilty about his real emotions.

4. He is withdrawn

In a long term relationship when a Pisces male has lost interest he tends to fall into depressive moods. If you live together you will notice that your Pisces partner has stopped taking care of himself as much as he used to or he spend a lot of time keeping his mind occupied with meaningless activities. Pisces are very energetic by nature and they need to feel constantly rejuvenated by new ideas, emotions and activities otherwise they may feel depressed. When they are bored in a relationship, they tend to suppress their feelings to such an extent that they may harm themselves psychologically. If you have let such a situation occur, make sure to either renew your relationship or end it as he will never try to hurt you.

A male Pisces is genuine compassionate. He will never intend to hurt you even if he would have to suppress themselves emotionally and may even harm themselves psychologically in order to avoid such confrontation. Make sure to take the initiative and stop such a situation from occurring.

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