Libra males tend to be very generous and affectionate when they fall in love.

In exchange they need their personal space and time in order to collect their thoughts and recharge their mental batteries. They are caring and loving partners and will give everything to their other half. This may result to personal psychological exhaustion or periods of deep depression if the is not matured or balanced emotionally.

If your Libra partner has stopped giving you the attention that he used to and you are afraid he is in your relationship, here are four signs to give you a clue about where he stands.

1. He gets tired if he doesn’t have his personal space

Libras get tired in a continuous personal interaction and communication with another person. It takes a lot out of them, as they tend to be very generous and giving emotionally. They are really bad at asking or saying that they need their space though. So you will need to take it out of them. They want you to feel secure and hate to reject their partner so they might suppress their personal needs for so long without you even realizing it. This could result to their total resentment for you if you allow it to happen.


2. He cannot communicate his true feelings

Libras find it hard to communicate their true feelings as half of the time they do not know what they are or they can’t decide which feelings prevail when it comes to love. With them it is all about balance and harmony. If they are in a difficult period of their lives, they tend to become very confused emotionally. You might need to be patient until they can figure out their reality or even try and make it easier for them if you really care.


3. He doesn’t think he owes you anything

If he is ignoring you, you might need to examine your past behaviors. If you did hurt them in the past then they might secretly still hold it against you. For them there is only one way of looking at things and that is their way. If they feel that you don’t really understand them they tend to go back to their shell and stay there until the relationship is somehow over. Also since he is been so protective and generous towards you all this time he doesn’t feel that he has to explain himself. You should be taking action. Try and apologize or just listen to his point of view with a bit of empathy.

4. Your rejection killed it for him

Libras love to be complimented. You might have already noticed their unique reaction to compliments. As if they suddenly become proud of themselves. They care about their personal appearance and in general give too much attention on how they look and how they seem to other people. Since what others think of them matters so much they can get extremely hurt by rejection. The worst thing you can do to your male Libra partner is to comment on their appearance negatively in public. You might not think of this as a big deal but believe me they do.

If a Libra male has already lost interest in you, it is not something that just happened. You possibly hurt him in some way and need to make amends. As they invest so much into building a steady relationship, it also takes a lot to suddenly turn cold on their partner. They certainly don’t take it lightly.

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