A Leo man can fall only for a woman that he sees as strong, confident and independent.

On the other hand he needs this self-assured woman to worship him. He needs to know he is her first priority in life, to be the center of her world. A Leo man can only start if he realizes that you are not as strong as you make out to be. If you become needy and weak, he will stop admiring you and take you for granted. You need to revitalize his interest by showing him the bright side of your personality again. Dazzle him with confidence and you will certainly arouse his interest in you again.

In the following article you can read in detail which are the four signs that a Leo can reveal when he is starting to become indifferent towards his other half.

1. He doesn’t feel special

Somewhere down the road you have neglected your Leo partner. He doesn’t feel he is getting much of your attention and he needs all of it. This is a definite turn off for a Leo man. He is not the kind of guy that would get aroused by rejection. When he doesn’t experience devotion from you he will look for it elsewhere because this is where he feeds from. He needs his partner to make him feel special and unique. In return he will treat you like a queen.

2. He takes you for granted

Leos loves adventurous relationships. They need to feel that the passion between you is flowing. When daily routine comes and destroys what the two of you once experienced they feel that the is coming to an end. You shouldn’t let that happen. You need to imagine and reinvent ways to keep the spark alive no matter how life may sometimes seem to get in the way. It is very important to constantly enrich your relationship with a if you don’t want to lose them.

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3. You don’t play by his rules

A male Leo loves to domineer their partner but also to get dominated when he chooses to. This role playing love game can turn them on indefinitely. They can feel that this way the relationship gets rejuvenated and there is a constant hunt and chase scenario going on. If you resist his rules he will finally get bored and agitated. For him it is important to enjoy all the aspects that an erotic relationship has to offer and knows how to keep the emotional balances. This power game may also be played out in your sexual experiences with a Leo. It doesn’t have to be a mental or behavioral form of communication. As male Leos are very intense lovers they are eager to enjoy a role playing experience in the bedroom. When he senses that his partner is too conventional for his tastes he becomes indifferent and distant.

4. He doesn’t think you are self-confident

Finally, the worst mistake you can make when you are intimately involved with a male Leo is to become needy or clingy. They immediately feel suffocated and lose respect for such a partner. They see you as weak and not worthy of their love. A strong and confident partner can only make the perfect match for a Leo as they will have the emotional power to give them what they need out of a relationship. Make sure you don’t depend on them for attention, as they are supposed to be the attention seekers in your relationship. It is like stealing their power.

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