Capricorns are loyal yet stubborn partners.

In an argument they need to have the last word or else you will end up arguing for hours until you get exhausted. A productive argument may also secretly turn them on.

If you are dating a then you must be experiencing a lot of passion in the and an intense sexual life. If your relationship is a long term one then your male Capricorn must be serious about this love affair. In which case he has originally thought out all the pros and cons of your personality and used his logic as well as his emotion in order to make the decision to get into something more serious. A male Capricorn is too straightforward and would never pretend about his feelings. The only thing that could lead them to in their partner is if the conflict between the two of you is out of control or your mutual daily routine has made the relationship really dull. In both cases you will notice the following signs:

1. He will be mentioning your flaws too often

If a male Capricorn has start to lose interest you he will focus often on your personality flaws. He will not only mention them often, he might also point them out in the presence of others. His intention is not to demean you but to make you understand how much your weaknesses have hurt him in the past. It is very difficult for a male Capricorn to express their feelings or even talk in an emotional way. He uses his reason as a defense mechanism. He will start arguments and use your weaknesses against you. This is his way of telling you that the relationship is over, a cry for personal freedom.

2. You fight too much

Your arguments will be more frequent to the extent that you might even fight in the presence of friends or maybe strangers. He may start fights for no apparent reason, just to release some of his emotional tension. If there is still a spark in the relationship it will start fading if you continue to react aggressively to his criticism.

capricorn man

3. He starts to lose respect

He will start to treat you disrespectfully. He may be taking you for granted and start testing your boundaries and see how far he can take it. He doesn’t think that the relationship is worth saving anymore so he wants to drive things to the limits and see if the connection between you is really solid. This can be a very difficult situation to handle. You should not give in to the challenges. If you engage in this power struggle game, the end will be deeply painful.

4. He will let you break up with him

If a Capricorn is in love no matter how much you fight he will never let you go. No matter how much conflict there is between you he will fight for you if he really cares. He is too stubborn to let you decide when the relationship is over, so he will tell you exactly what you want to hear in order to keep you close to him. He will never lie to you. He will mean every word. When he starts to lose interest or the relationship tires them out he will also stop chasing after you. His attitude towards you will change dramatically as he will stop giving what you need and instead talking about the end of the relationship. He might let you initiate the break up as he still values you.

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