Each Zodiac sign needs different things from a relationship.

Aries are all about excitement but when it comes to a serious they need to feel stability. Even though they love to argue when they are intimately involved they need to feel calm and secure with their . They also hate losing their independence. If someone tries to suffocate them with jealousy or extreme demands they become very stubborn and distance themselves from their partner.

Libras need a balanced where fights and arguments don’t occur frequently. Conflict can make Libras tired and remote with their partner. They also love to feel that someone is taking care of them or even that they are giving them the attention they require. They love to talk about themselves but they are also good listeners. If you want to know what kind of a relationship you need, don’t hesitate to read the following article.

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Our zodiac signs might not predict exactly what’s going to happen in our relationships – after all, each one is different – but they can give us cues about our personalities, and so reveal how we are in our relationships and what we want and need from them. Do you seek passion, trust, honesty, stability or something else?! Let’s find out…


While you love to have excitement and look for that extra spark in a relationship, you are not one for a frivolous fling. You look for stability and long-term happiness. Having said that, you enjoy your space and need to maintain your independence even in a relationship!


Uncertainty is not something you take too well in a relationship. You like to know where you stand and need complete honesty and frankness. You, Taurus, need to know more than anything that your partner is dependable in order to be happy and comfortable in your relationship.


You, Gemini, find it rather hard to sustain a relationship that lacks spontaneity and fun. You like to take your time deciding what you want when it comes to being in a relationship. While you need love and patience from your partner’s end, you also need to be constantly challenged and mentally stimulated…

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