A deep intellectual and spiritual connection with someone can occur very rarely or almost never.

But how can we recognize it when it happens? How can we be sure that it is something unique and not another case of fulfilling our personal needs through the experience of being close to someone? Of course our instincts and heart can tell us one thing where in reality we are aiming for the wrong person, someone that can remind us the mistakes of the past. When we are excited with a new relationship it is difficult to see behind the foggy atmosphere of our stimulated enthusiasm.

There are always signs that can alert us for the choices that we make but we are not always eager to listen to those signs. Trusting our initial instinct is a good way to start the journey towards finding the person we truly with. In the following article you can discover the three secret ways to identify your soulmate!

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Okay, let’s be real. You can have a soul level connection with anyone if you’re both open to the experience. What does a mean to you?

It seems to be different for everyone – and that’s because we are all the creators of the definition. Is a soulmate someone you connect with so well that you’ll be with them forever? Is it someone you knew in another life? Is it someone you just met in this life?

You decide, as you are the author of your own story. 

You connect instantly

I like to think we all chose this , we chose to come down and reincarnate on Earth at this time. Since we chose a sort oftemplate of our physical existence, we chose the people who will be in our lives. You are your partner agreed to be together before you physically existed…

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