A wonderful technique to instantly calm down and let go of any disturbing thoughts and negative emotions.

This simple tool reduces stress and anxiety, relaxes both – mind and – in less than 10 minutes. It perfectly works even in the most stressful situations.

The exercise is performed seated on a chair (avoid couch or soft cushions, find a solid seat). Sit on the edge of the chair. Note, that thigh and shank should form a perfect 90° angle. Check the position thoroughly: the upper leg is absolutely horizontal, the lower leg – the heel falls exactly under the knee. It is important to find the right height chair. Bring the knees together. Be aware of your shoulders (keep them straight). Remember to breathe through the nose, with the mouth closed during the whole exercise. You may wish to close your eyes for less distraction and deeper engagement with the following visualization part.

Imagine that there are three balls inside your body. The first ball is within the head: in the middle of the line connecting the two temples (the area behind and slightly up the eyes, roughly the extension of eyebrows, it feels like a dimple). The second ball is in the chest or solar plexus (the upper abdomen) and the third one is in the coccyx or tailbone (the down edge point of the spinal cord). The goal of this exercise is to bring these three balls into balance, i.e. align them along the spinal column.

Use your imagination to learn the language of your body <> mind communication. Visualize the vertical line e.g. as a thread or a chord, it may be invisible as well. The balls of any size and color are to be arranged along this line. Picture and feel that from within. Keep adjusting your body position. Essentially, this tool straightens and prolongs the spine.

When you reach the feeling of the balls and your body being in line, stay in such position for as long as you feel comfortable, concentrate on smooth and calm breathing.

Crystal Ball Visualization

This exercise is intended – through the state of deep relaxation of mind and body in combination with creative imagery technique – to self-cleanse and self-heal. It effectively relieves from any tension, , pain and helps recover from illness and injuries.

For this exercise lay down with your spine straight (you may put a cushion under your neck), relax and let your legs fall freely to the sides, the palms of the hands should face upwards. Before proceeding to the visualization part focus on breathing (through nose, mouth closed), balance the inhalation and exhalation (equal length). Start by imagining yourself lying in a field or any other open space; the mild breeze is touching the body, making it light and empty. Do not rush; give yourself enough time to relax. Now picture a pure bright crystal ball at the top of the head ready to smoothly enter your body. The mission of this ball is to travel along the central axis of the body and cleanse it. There are 11 stops (couple minutes each) to be made throughout this journey. At every stop visualize the crystal ball absorbing all the negative energy, illness, discomfort etc. as a dirty, brown to black, oily smoke and leaving the area purified and deeply relaxed.

The 11 stops:
• crown chakra (refer to the article “The Seven Chakras”)
• third eye chakra
• area between nose and lips
• throat chakra
• heart chakra (energy from both hands is absorbed here)
• sacral chakra or 3-4 fingers down the navel
• root chakra or prenium (here the ball splits into two identical balls, one for each leg)
• middle of thighs
• knees
• middle of shanks
• sores of feet

After having passed all these points the ball exits through the sores and carries out all the accumulated energy far away from you. Picture it dissolving far away or vanishing deep down into the earth. Stay for several minutes observing the whole body and reflecting on what you feel…

Finish the exercise smoothly: start moving your fingers and toes, then roll to the right side of your body, slowly sit up and open your eyes.

It might be useful to record the whole exercise (especially for first sessions). Note, it must be your own voice, use the present tense and the first person expressions (e.g. “I feel purified and relaxed” instead of “you feel…”).