The solar plexus chakra mirrors our sense of responsibility and self-awareness.

It is the source of our will-power. In order to activate an imbalanced , we need to go against the things that hold us back and fight to accomplish what needs to be accomplished today rather than tomorrow. Often our ego and sense of importance can be wounded and we tend to postpone our responsibilities for later or even refuse to respond to challenging issues that mainly involve direct communication.

When this internal resistance for life occurs our solar plexus chakra is blocked. Determination to go against our instincts of escaping our responsibilities is the main for balancing this chakra. Find out what prevents you from being your true self by embracing your identity. Gain your confidence back by going against your personal reservations. In the following article you can get more insight on the personal properties that the solar plexus chakra controls and advice on how to balance it.

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What is the reason you’re holding back your thoughts? If it’s a fear of judgement, embarrassment or being ‘wrong’, push through that feeling!

Practice activating your solar plexus by simply speaking your truth. Practice with your friends, family or even just yourself!

Practice following a thought entirely, speaking openly and transparently. Truth always resonates with anyone who is really listening so when you are speaking from the heart, there is nothing to worry about…

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