The following video is a guide into opening the lower  three chakras (Muladhara – Root Chakra, Svadisthana – Water Chakra, Manipura – Fire Chakra).

It is a 15 minute journey into the power of . Through the true experience of breathing you can help your inner in a way that it can unblock and dispose all the unnecessary internal burden. Visualization and breathing are the main tools that yoga teacher, Brett Larkin, is suggesting in order to meditate successfully and release all the tension and anxiety that keeps the lower imbalanced.

During this powerful meditative technique you can feel an energy flow from and towards the earth that purifies the lower core of your body. Paying attention to the three focal points (lower chakras) is essential in order to achieve the desired outcome. If you want to restore an inner sense of harmony and purpose, don’t hesitate to watch the following 15 minute video.

Watch the video below!

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