Not every one finds exercising exciting. Some people find it boring and don’t have the patience to run or cycle.

They can easily lose interest. Some people tend to subscribe to the gym, as soon as they realize they have gained a bit of weight, but never bother to actually go and exercise. According to the following article this happens because they just haven’t realized which kind of workout suits them best and matches their characteristics.

Each has different personality traits and here we can make out which kind of exercising method you should chose that agrees with your . For example Water Zodiac signs are keener to swim or aqua cycle in comparison to the fire star signs who need something more challenging that involves a bit of competition. Read your horoscope in the following article and find out which workout suits better your personality type!

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  • Virgo

    Birthday: August 23–September 22

    Your personality: Known to be the efficient, methodical purist of the sun signs, it’s not unusual for you to find yourself tidying up or trying to fix what’s wrong. “Whatever exercise routine takes your mind away from fixing the details makes your doubt go away too,” says Star.

    Try: Core exercises, like Crunch‘s The Hang-Over or a Flex Studios‘ FlexTRX

    Santa Maria points out that one of the main benefits of core work is its ability to put you in touch with your gut and instinct. With Crunch’s The Hang-Over class, “aerial silks suspend you in the air, forcing you to work against gravity to lift yourself up and give your lower abs a major fat-blast.” Another chisel-happy option? TRX classes, which turn up the toning power by working on an unstable surface…


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