Dreaming is what our subconscious mind communicates to our conscious thoughts.

If we learn to interpret the in an accurate manner we may discover hidden aspects of our psyche and understand our true self better. There are 5 commonly occurring dream symbols that can be extremely useful in the realization of our status quo. Any images, incidents or situations that involve hair within a dream sequence, are highly connected with our sexuality. According to Freud, seeing a lot of hair symbolizes sexual potency or intense sexual urges where cutting hair or losing hair may be interpreted as decreased libido.

Animals represent our primitive instincts and especially those that have to do with survival. When we chase or being chased by a powerful animal within a dream sequence, emotions such as fear and anxiety are under the surface. For more information on the 5 most important dream symbols, read the following article.

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Seeing animals in a dream represents survival instinct and a connection to nature. If you’re dreaming of being chased by a predator, you may be holding onto repressed feelings like aggression or fear. Alternatively, you may be feeling “chased” by trouble of some kind … including negative thoughts or people in your environment whom you can’t seem to “escape.”


Many experts believe food in symbolizes knowledge because food feeds the body and knowledge feeds the brain. Of course it’s possible you might just be hungry!


You may be dreaming of babies if you actually have to desire to procreate, but it could also mean you’ve been feeling vulnerable and want to be loved. Sometimes babies in dreams also represent a fresh start or the desire to “birth” some new, creative project.


The clothes we wear in our dreams make a statement about how we want to be perceived by others. You may be feeling unattractive or worn out if you’re wearing tattered clothing in your dream. Changing your clothes in your dream could reflect a change in your lifestyle…

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