The root chakra is highly connected with our sense of stability, security and physical health.

It is the portal for receiving vital energy from the Mother Earth. When the is blocked, the person is facing feelings of insecurity and emptiness in a deeper emotional level. If the root chakra is overactive, the person may become impatient and judgmental towards their immediate environment and themselves.

In the following article you can gain access to 5 simple ways on how to keep the root chakra in perfect . Most importantly you must always remember to stay in touch with nature physically either by taking a walk or for example swimming in the sea in order to expose your body to the healing powers of your natural surroundings. Adding roots and red foods to your diet will help you connect with the first chakra gradually.

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2) Grounding yourself with Physical Exercise

The root chakra is strongly related to our physicality, and therefore physical exercise is a great way to balance and heal it. Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi are all wonderful examples of physical activities that will provide you with a sense of grounding.

3)  Eat lots of red foods

For someone looking to bring balance to their root chakra, eating foods that are the color red can help bring vibrance and stability.  Colors are known to have a psychological effect on the human mind, and they can largely impact our thoughts and emotions.  Eating foods like tomatoes, cherries, pomegranates, strawberries and apples will help balance out the root chakra.

4) Eat roots

Plant roots are also fantastic for bringing balance to the root chakra. Try to eat more radishes, carrots, turnips, parsnips, garlic and onions when you feel the symptoms of an under or overactive root chakra…

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