There many meditation methods but they all follow some basic rules.

The simplest, most plain style of , relies on and focus. All you need to do is lay down, relax and close your eyes. Start breathing in deeply from your nose and exhaling from your mouth. After a few deep breaths you develop a breathing rhythm, you may now start focusing on all the different parts of your for a few seconds (time has a different duration when we meditate, it feels quicker) while you continue breathing deeply.

You may even visualize that each breath derives from each part of your body. So you start focusing on your head and imagine that the source of your breath is your eyes. Breathe in deeply from your eyes and exhale from your mouth. This will help preventing thoughts from arising and will keep your focus intact. For more details on this simple guided meditation technique for releasing tension, read the following article.

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While it won’t make your problems completely disappear, meditation will ease the strain your mind is often under in our busy, modern world. Think of it as a mental vacation. And when your mind comes back from this little mini-vacay it’ll be a lot calmer than it was beforehand. I don’t know about you, but when I’m more calm, I make way better decisions!

Melt that stress away

There are many benefits to meditation, but the biggest benefit to meditation is of course stress relief. And once you learn, you can meditate literally anywhere to let that stress go. Your mind and your body will feel refreshed after even a short meditation. Have you noticed any parts of your body where you “carry” your stress? For many people stress is carried in the neck and shoulders. Others have knots in their backs or get tension headaches. Meditation can help with this, too.

By allowing yourself to simply be, your body will have the opportunity to release some tension. Again, meditation won’t make all of your physical issues completely disappear but it will soothe your body. Your muscles will get to relax and loosen. And you’ll feel renewed afterwards.

Guided Meditation: Let it go

Here’s a nice guided meditation you can use to decrease your stress levels:

1. Lay down on your back and close your eyes.

2. Begin to breathe deeply.

3. Now move your attention through your whole body from head to feet, releasing all tension as you go.

4. If thoughts pass through your mind – that’s okay! When you notice thoughts just gently bring your awareness back to whichever part of your body you were at in your meditation.

5. Breathe deeply.

It’s a good idea to set an alarm for yourself before you begin this meditation because you could get so relaxed that you fall asleep…

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