Scorpios are sensitive and passionate lovers.

As they are mostly driven by their emotion in their everyday decisions in life they need a partner that would understand and empower their feelings. The earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) can be compatible with a Scorpio as they can match their practical side and give them a more pragmatic point of view about life which they lack to identify with. Although in a long term a Scorpio will feel suffocated in a relationship with an earth . Jealousy, possessiveness and competitiveness will be the main factors that could terminate such a liaison.

A Scorpio can be physically and intellectually attracted to an air sign’s mentality. The way Libras approach life and the harmony they radiate through their intellectuality can cerebrally arouse a Scorpio. They will though find it extremely difficult to fully understand the unconventional nature of an Aquarius so they will always feel a weird sense of solitude next to an air sign. For more details about compatibility, read the following article.
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Astrological compatibility within the zodiac boils down to two key factors: triplicity and quadruplicity. Scorpio’s quadruplicity is fixed and his triplicity is found in the water element. These two characteristics will determine which elements match well with Scorpio’s nature and the specific sign within these elements that matches him best.

Scorpio’s Elemental Matches

Water signs are adaptive, emotionally driven, and highly intuitive. Where only the elements are concerned, a water sign like Scorpio:

  • Matches ideally with other water signs
  • Can be compatible with earth signs
  • Has difficulty understanding the nature of air signs
  • Completely clashes with fire signs…

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