“A full heart can always host everything, in an empty one there is a place for nothing”

Antonio Porchia

The has great power: without it there is no beat, no pulse, no rhythm, no life! It is the first organ to be formed and the last one to fade. We could call it our energy or motion source, our life center, a seed for a (future) human being.

What are the first notions coming to your mind when you hear the word heart? Could it be love, kindness, empathy, generosity? What about beauty?

How to enjoy the beauty of paradise called earth during these times of such massive species’ extinction, mass land devastation, rapid and unhealthy urbanization etc.? How to relish the most precious present of life when humanity has sunk into the swamp of misery and pain, when our hearts have been filled with guilt and sorrow?

But let yourself not be tricked or misled: there is nothing we cannot do if we open our heart, if we invite the beauty of our soul to enlighten us. Do not preach that only catastrophe and complete destruction may bring the root to the changes that we are all in need of so much! Do we have any more beautiful fantasies left? “The big thoughts come from the heart”: Vauvenargues explicitly encourages to listen, trust and follow the heart. United with the beauty we may start a whole new story, a bright new vision. We may turn a new page for humanity where we can open our fresh eyes, re-think our everyday lives, assure the well-being for all, together we can explore and find the ways for present and future generations to flourish in the most beautiful manner.

So how to (re)connect to the beauty? How to keep our spirits up?

How to fill our hearts, to embrace a better person within? Everything starts with intention, think of it as an accumulator, an energy activator or a power generator. Imagine a bunch of people roaming around a park or a neighborhood without any particular reason OR the same bunch having an intention to nurture the place. See the difference? The intention should come from the heart, one should feel and care for what one’s doing instead of automatically complete the ‘duty’. Any devotional effort or practice may bring a positive outcome and be a great example for others especially children.

Technologies and rapid pace of events have transformed the way we live our everyday life exceptionally how we relate and communicate with each other. In the world of ultra high speed internet connection and glorious high-tech infrastructures sometimes it seems that we care for those more than the people and other beings that surround us. Deeper, strong and meaningful have become harder to obtain and maintain. Ordinary and natural life has somehow become outdated as one thrives for extraordinary experiences. One should learn again to properly take care of oneself and the others. Connecting back with nature could offer a way out of this inhumane tunnel. Never forget that the heart should beat with the same rhythm as nature’s pulse does. At all times be aware that we are all on earth together, thus cultivating empathy, understanding, compassion, saying a word of encouragement, offering a helping hand – these are as important as air and water. How to reconnect to nature? It’s up to one’s own imagination and possibilities: one may start taking (long) walks or contemplate in a park or along the coastline, taking care of a plant or an animal and many many more.

Music plays an important role in opening one’s heart – it is food for the soul, it may calm one down and relax them, bring great joy, evoke nice and , simply put, make one feel good. There are numerous ways to engage with music: from playing an instrument or singing (alone, in a choir or band) to dancing or just listening. One may find great relief and pleasure in chanting or singing spiritual passages.

Personal or group prayers and particular thankfulness, gratitude or cleansing rituals can bring great joy, happiness and fulfillment. If practiced in group they can deepen and strengthen our relationships, give them the sense of full connection and union, offer great emotional support.

It is not important which practice(s) one chooses as long as one opens the heart and invites the beauty to flood it with intention to love and love for life.