The mind is in every cell of the . Every thought and belief is being translated into the message for the body. Whatever we think is good or harmful for us, it tends to be(come) so. Negativity and self-doubt are working against the body whereas love, self-respect and self-encouragement are the key to make the mind start working for the body. Whatever we think about ourselves, our health, the environment and the future, it becomes a certain ‘program’ for our mind and body. is a technique to set and project ourselves for desired outcomes to come true and real. It focuses the mind to start working for us and not against us.

In previous articles we viewed the most basic guidelines for visualization: importance of the present tense, positive statement accumulation, involving our senses, repetition, relaxed and quiet space and time. Fantasy and imagination play the most important role in practicing visualization. There are no strict rules when it comes to what pictures and projections one should bring to the mind’s eye. Fantasy is a very personal ability, therefore there is no right or wrong image. Different people see different icons or scenes for the same thing, even the same person could draw multiple images for the same cause at different times (or even at the same session). Remember, visualization is free expression of one’s own fantasy and creativity skills. Definitely, the images that come to mind and the way the ‘story’ evolves have certain messages and meaning. Whatever your inspiration brings in, charge it with and strong intention, full-heartily believe and expect it to happen, do not let your self-confidence and positivity to be crushed.

Here are some simple examples of how one could start and guide a personal visualization experience.

For the beginning start with a progressive relaxation method (you may find it helpful to lie down for that). Tighten and release every muscle of the body one by one, start from your feet and move along your body towards your head. Try to work out all the muscles, do not forget your cheeks, mouth etc. Be focused and concentrated, but calm and relaxed at the same time. Follow and pay attention to every part of your body without rushing, give yourself enough time to observe. Do not judge, just try to relax and calmly observe.

When you finish this first phase you suppose to feel calm and deeply relaxed, your breath is calm and your body is still. Once you’ve reached such state, imagine any pain or disease as dark spots or cracked area. Think of such spots or areas as toxins, waste, damaged or unhealthy cells, which are to be removed or glued together. You may picture them being erased with the rubber, washed away by pure water or by blue or soft green light that carries peace and calmness to every cell. The way you ‘see’ this process is very personal and depends on your unlimited imagination.

Another way to picture the same self-cleansing or self-healing process is deep-breathing visualization. The breath is the power. It provides the oxygen without which human life would cease to exist. By consciously focusing on it, one may empower and even heal oneself, prolong the life. Find several minutes throughout the day to become aware of your breathing (it is easier to start when you wake up or go to sleep). Take some very deep breaths, try to balance your inhalation and exhalation (equal duration), the longer the better. Remember to breath with the major respiratory muscle – diaphragm. It is located just below the lungs; upon inhalation it contracts and flattens, chest cavity enlarges, upon exhalation – it relaxes and air is forced out of the lungs. To find out if you’re breathing with your diaphragm, lay down and put some weight (e.g. couple of books) on your upper belly (just below your lungs): when you inhale they are lifted up, when exhale – coming down.

When you teach yourself to breathe right, begin to imagine your breath moving through your body: in and out, up and down. Picture every breath to bring in clean, pure and white air which is moving throughout your whole body and is picking every damaged or toxic cell, every pain or disease. While breathing out ‘see’ the air carrying every unwanted cell or condition out of your body, you may picture this air from grey to black. Feel your body being cleansed. Repeat this procedure as often as you feel.

Another simple and quick way to use visualization tool is to apply it for every glass of water you drink throughout the day.

Basically, you mentally attach a certain intention or desire to each glass of water you drink, e.g. think of it as a strength giver, a body healer or purifier etc. See and feel how it enters, circulates and cleanses your body while you are drinking it. Just by adding an intention and quick visualization to every glass you drink, you are able to ‘program’ the mind for a specific condition or outcome. The goal you set again depends solely on your inspiration. Advice – keep it simple and clear.