The third eye chakra is based on the area between our two eyes.

It comes with color blue or indigo and it is the source of our . In order to use our intuition to make the right choices in life we can practice meditation and bring our chakra into balance. Firstly we need to close our eyes and relax. After we bring our full attention to the energy source of our intuition, the area between our eyes while deeply.

Once we prevent distracting thoughts from entering our mind and attaining a constant rhythm in our deep breathing, we may focus on a question that we need answered. We ask this question silently and focus in the middle of our forehead. We can now use our third eye to meditate on the color blue. Read the article below to find out the rest of the steps for opening your third eye chakra.

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During your journey through life, it’s important to know what to say yes to for your greatest benefit, and also … what to avoid at all costs! The question is: How can you tell the difference?

The path can be very unclear. So if it seems like you’ve been learning things the hard way too much; or if you’ve been facing one troublesome problem after another, then it might be time to take a new approach.

Whether you find yourself trusting people who turned out to be not so trustworthy, putting your energy into things that never seem to work out, picking the wrong jobs, wrong investments of your time and money … or if you feel like you’re being followed by a streak of “bad luck,” then it’s time to activate your third Eye!

Unleash Your Intuitive Powers

You’re 3rd Eye is the chakra connected to your “sixth sense” so it’s the center to activate for greater Insight and Vision. You can find your third eye just above and directly between your two physical eyes. You can’t “see it”, but once you start using it regularly, you will feel its presence more and more every day.

You can think of this energy center as you “inner compass” guiding you on your path. And when you activate it, you unleash your sleeping powers of intuition…

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