Tens may indicate the completion of a cycle, a new beginning or simply an inclination for change.

They communicate a period of transition or the closure of an existing situation. After a period of hard work and struggle, the feeling of accomplishment is well-deserved. Tens may also foreshadow the process of a long-anticipated ending and the obstacles or traps the person involved in the reading may face during its course.

The Ten of Wands

This card designates that the person involved in the reading is overwhelmed by unnecessary mental burdens. The sense of duty and responsibility has conquered the mind and there is a need for emotional reinforcement against potential psychological damage caused by deep anxiety. The person may be experiencing a situation that feels as if it is beyond their control. In order to be able to retain a sense of security and stability they need to retreat and build strong emotional defenses. This card primarily indicates the idea of taking on much more than we can handle and the need to unload psychological weights. When it is reversed its meaning is even more highlighted. The person involved in the reading is not aware or willing to overcome the situation and is strongly attached to their sense for duty. On the other hand this challenging time will not last for a long and the person will soon overcome the stressful situation they are experiencing.

The Ten of Cups

This is considered to be one of the most positive cards on the deck. It is a card that doesn’t follow the usual rule of ‘reversals’. The couple illustrated on the card is living a joyful and harmonious life. The children are playing beside them. The card indicates a peaceful and enjoyable family life. It can be as a sign for spending time with close friends or family members or it may suggest a family gathering or celebration. It may also represent a long-term romantic emphasizing the sense of commitment and fulfillment. The person involved may be experiencing an emotional ecstasy either with romantic undertones or in a sense of companionship. Reversed this card suggests a minor obstacle that can appear during a totally harmonious time and the ability of the person involved in the reading to overcome this inconsequential difficulty.

The Ten of Swords

In comparison to the ten of cups the ten of swords is the card with most negative impact in the . It symbolizes a sudden or unexpected ominous situation under threatening circumstances that can occur with no sign of warning. The person involved will mercilessly suffer a major defeat. It is a card that could even suggest death or betrayal. The feeling of being powerless or unable to control the situation will prevail. The impact of this event may leave the person involved too vulnerable to rise above this state of affairs. In order to defeat the pain and loss one needs to be able to look into the future with a fresh eye and reborn from the darkest times that they have and will ever encounter. Reversed this card indicates an esoteric death or a mental revolution. Its upright properties apply in a more subconscious level and need to be faced using the tool of self-exploration and criticism.


The Ten of Pentacles

The ten of pentacles is a sign of emotional and professional accomplishment after a long period of struggle and effort. It indicates a period of rewards for the hard work that has been taken place in the past. More specifically this may signify a raise or a promotion in the professional area or commitment in a long term relationship. Reversed this card has the opposite meaning. It foreshadows financial loss or the painful ending of an intimate relationship.

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