The Knight of Wands

This card describes a that takes decisions based on his instincts and not his logic. He is concerned with ideas beyond his own existence and he is full of energy and vigor. Industrious and diligent, the of wands has a great passion for and can easily dedicate himself to friendship or a love affair but his hastiness and impulsiveness can sometimes bring emotional violence. He is not yet aware of his power over others and does not have the experience to respond to any form of social acceptance. This card may also suggest the pursuit of a goal or a plan put into motion. All the challenges will be confronted with the right amount of confidence and assertiveness. When this card appears reversed it indicates delay, frustration and anger that is caused by the lack of control over the project that is undertaken.

The Knight of Cups

The knight of cups has a feminine undertone that is connected with strong emotional and romantic qualities. The young man or woman is riding a white horse, a symbol of high energy and innocence. He/she is looking towards the future with optimism even though the horse is moving slowly towards the desirable destination. This card is suggesting a lethargic nature and the ability to exist in a sensual world, indulging to the pleasures of life and represents an intense lover. The knight of cups possess the art of seduction and expresses a unique idealistic view on life that illustrates an attractive figure. This card may also suggest the arrival of a message or a person, a romantic proposal or a creative adventure. When it is reversed is describes an insincere rival that can set traps on our well-planned projects. A person is causing trouble even though they don’t have any essential interest on our affairs. Their suggestions should be rejected.


The Knight of Swords

This card suggest the arrival or the triumph over a difficult situation. The knight on the white horse is riding with courage holding his sword high in the sky implying determination, willpower and strength of mind. He is ready to risk his life and take complete responsibility for his actions in order to fight for what he cares for the most. The attributes of this card may come on three levels: on a materialistic, a spiritual or an intellectual level. The way to accomplish our goals may seem sometimes authoritative to others but the intensions are clear and genuine. When this card is reversed the knight transforms to a forceful tyrant that can become irrational and oppressive. If the card is not representing a person but indicates an ongoing situation, it is a sign of constant psychological degradation and rejection.

The Knight of Pentacles

This card symbolizes wisdom and the power to put our life experience and skills into action. The person that this card represents is an intellectually and practically mature person that has total control over their actions and decisions in life. The knight is not lost in a delusional world full of misconceptions about the paths of life. His ideas are vibrant and clear and is acting with a sense of realism and with complete sanity. When this card appears reversed the knight transforms to a conservative, cowardly and unadventurous figure that is either an actual person that causes trouble in the immediate environment of the person involved in the reading or this negative attributes of the reversed knight are describing a situation that is occurring. This person or situation may well be connected with a potential financial issue.

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