Four of wands

This card is symbolizing the journey to . The traveler has not reached his destination yet but all the signs are promising a happy ending. It emphasizes the importance of the process in comparison to the actual goal. If the person is involved with the arts, this card is a sign that their project is on the right track. When it appears reversed it indicates a delay and the obstacles on the road for success.

Four of cups

In the card we see a young man sitting under a tree, staring the three cups that are laid before him. He hasn’t noticed the fourth cup next to him. The four of cups suggest stagnation and apathy to new opportunities. The person is unwilling to broaden their horizons and receive everything that life has to offer. When it is reversed it is a symbol for ignorance but the time is right to awake and realize the minor cues that lead to new opportunities.

Four of swords

This card designates the end of a long lasting conflict. The person involved in the reading has managed to overcome the obstacles through meaningful reflection. By choosing to be isolated in an environment of peace and tranquility, they have gone through a period of self-exploration through constructive self-criticism. The choice for a more meaningful life through spiritual freedom has been made. When this card is reversed it indicates a course of action after a soul-destroying conflict. The person is not ready for a new beginning and there is a danger of getting carried away by their recklessness.

Four of pentacles

This card is a sign for success. It may also suggest the inheritance of a large amount of money or the acceptance of an expensive gift. When the card is reversed it implies that the person is too attached to money or they have become obsessed with .

Five of wands

In the card we notice five men fighting each other with no sense of purpose or direction. Each of them seems to be hostile against all the others. This is a card that implies strong competition and a hard struggle without an apparent and meaningful reason. There are many obstacles and traps on the road for an essential change. Firstly a purpose or direction should be given in order to continue fighting with a clear intention. When it appears reversed it suggest that the solution comes from an external factor that has not been considered so far. The person overcomes all the obstacles with the assistance of others.

Five of cups

This card suggests guilt and despair. The figure illustrated on the card is staring at the three empty cups that have fallen on the ground ignoring the two full ones behind them. The person is totally concentrated on past actions and incidents that were harmful to themselves and others. They are not willing to forgive themselves. When it appears reversed during a tarot reading the guilt is leading to depression and complete apathy. The person has surrender to the dark pathways of the mind.

Five of swords

This card suggest a minor victory on the path to success. The person regains confidence and is ready to deal with anything that comes on their way. When it appears reversed it suggests defeat by abandoning all responsibility and control over a situation.

Five of pentacles

This is a card of financial instability. It may suggest sudden unemployment that will last for a long period of time and severe financial problems. The card is a sign for despair and loneliness. When it is reversed the person has the opportunity to work temporarily which gives them a brief relief from financial anxiety.