For a beginner the art of practicing meditation may seem unfeasible and they may not know where to start from.

Someone new to may not be able to quiet down the constant voices and thoughts that conquer and exhaust our and may be seeking guidance and assistance.

In the following article a beginner may gain insight for embracing the idea of a peaceful mind. Starting with a tranquil and focused scanning or using the repetitive sound vibrations of an appropriate mantra can be the initial keys to unlock the body and mind in order to enter the liberating world of meditation.

It is important to practice these exercises with patience and not let our desire for an immediate result interrupt our focus.

In the following article you can find several techniques that can be found extremely helpful when meditating for the first time. You can simply follow those steps and see what works better for you.

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Meditation tips for beginners #1: Scan your body

Your mind is always thinking and being distracted by all sorts of messages, so clearing and relaxing your mind can be a huge challenge. One trick to shed the mental side-talk is to scan your body in unison with your breath.

Start by focusing your attention on your toes and silently telling them to relax. Then, repeat this process until you have scanned every part of your body from your legs and abdomen to your fingers, arms, heart, and head. By the time you get through giving attention to your entire body, you will be surprised to find how relaxed you are.

Meditation tips for beginners #2: Mantras

The word “mantra” derives from two root words in Sankrit, “man” which means “mind” and “tra” which means “instrument.” A mantra then is when someone creates some type of repetitive sound or vibration, either with their own voice or an instrument to sooth and calm their mind.

Most people are familiar with the word “om” which is often used as a mantra. But there are many others too. The key is to repeat the sound or word over and over and feel its vibration and sound course through your body.


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