The seven can be either under-active or over . According to its properties an under- active chakra will have negative effects in a restrained, unresponsive manner either physically or psychologically. For example an under-active root chakra will be associated with the feeling of instability and lack of security. The person will not be at ease and feel unwelcome to their surroundings. The lack of trust will prevail and can bring a sense of loneliness and fear. On the other hand an over-active root chakra will boost these properties to the opposite side of the spectrum, in excess. Stability will be embedded into the person’s life and now the person feels stagnant and greedy for the material world. These two extremes function in a similar way on a biological level. The human organs affected by an imbalanced chakra can either perform poorly or function in excess.

Taking Precautions

Acknowledge your feelings

Having an understanding of the associations between over-active and under-active chakras gives us an initiative to the world of healing. These to extreme states that exist in opposition can help us interpret the state of our body and soul that come hand to hand. By analyzing our feelings and temperament we can easily locate the chakras that are in danger and consider various ways of healing. We can easily make the necessary connections between emotional states and chakras according to our knowledge of the chakra properties. This would mean that a person should always be alert and conscious of his or her own psychological condition.

Translate physical symptoms

When the previous level of consciousness cannot be achieved we can still consider as a precaution the recognition of physical symptoms. We can still discover the chakras that are in danger of imbalance by associating the body area where the physical symptoms prevail with the specific chakra that is in need of healing. Taking such a precaution would be considered as an ultimate solution and it is not highly recommended as our health might be in danger at that point.

There are various factors to be taken under consideration that can help us achieve psychological consciousness at all times. , sound, color, sleeping and dreaming and the food that we consume can affect directly the function of our chakras.

Water and Sound

An adult human body is up to 60% water. We need water to be alive. The quality and purity of water in the city is considered non-existent. In most cities the condition of the pipes that provide our households with water is poor. Rust or even the added chloral to our drinking water can cause serious damage to our health. People are using water filters to increase the purity of the water they consume.

According to scientists when the water reaches a certain temperature it generates crystal forms that can be visible through a microscope. Several studies have confirmed that the shape and even the very existence of these crystals are highly affected by sound and even human thought. They have found that when water was exposed to specific sound frequencies it produced no crystals at all. When exposed to classical music or specific harmonies, a beautifully shaped crystal appeared.

According to this theory and since our body is 60% water we can make an immediate association that sound and water can directly affect the human condition.


By exposing ourselves in a room with a specific color for a long period of time we can discover that certain feelings and thoughts will suddenly be more intense than others. For example the color red can bring increase our heart beat and stimulate the feeling of anger. Being subject to color can directly affect our psychological and physical state.

It is important to associate all these factors in order to start thinking of a healthier understanding of our psyche.