Leos are the kings of the Zodiac family.

They are born to be leaders and they feel neglected when they are not the center of attention. When they are in love they will treat their partner like a king or a queen. Generous and sensitive, the lion hearted sign is ready to offer the world to their partner when they feel they have found . The fire star signs can give a passionate, yet adventurous love experience to Leos.

When a dates an Aries for example, their creative expression will flourish. Together they can accomplish anything they set out to do. On the other hand there is a danger of being too competitive and critical with each other. As they both need to be in the spotlight, the power struggles will be inevitable. If you want to know more about Leo’s love compatibility, read the following article.

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“What is the best match for Leo?” This is a question you may ask if this is your or you’re dating a Leo.

Understanding Leo

The fire sign Leo is the lion of the zodiac. As you can imagine, a Leo bears many of the lion’s traits and characteristics. Leo has a big heart, and you’ll enjoy being treated like royalty if you’re lucky enough to win it. Loyalty is high on the Leo list, closely followed by being very much the king or queen of any endeavor this sign undertakes. Being a leader and being comfortable in the spotlight is just a natural part of who Leo is.

In the Spotlight

And speaking of the spotlight, Leo can be a real ham when it comes to his adoring fans. It’s very probable that Leo is in the performing arts or, at the very least, in some kind of profession that places him in front of an audience. That could be in a sales position or as a professor. Whatever career Leo chooses, he’ll always have a deep appreciation for the arts, literature and music. If he doesn’t perform professionally, he’ll enjoy expressing his love through non-professional endeavors such as the church choir, local art league or drama club.

So, What Is the Best Match for Leo?

At first glance, you might think that the best match for Leo is his opposite. After all, how could two fire signs share only one spotlight?

Leo, Playing With Fire

Another Leo might not be the best possible match, but if the two can learn to compromise and think of the other one before self, it could work out to be an ideal match of like minds…

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