The story of Jose Silva is really astonishing. Working as a radio engineer and electronic repairman, he spent his free time focusing on human mind and its potential, hypnosis, psychology and parapsychology. He recognized the importance of mind-body-spirit connection and concluded that 90% of all human illnesses come from mind and therefore they can and should be reversed. After 22 years of extensive research and experiments with his own children and friends he introduced his integrated method to the public in 1966. The Silva method is comprised of sixteen mind-directed exercises and is designed to expand and enhance the way one thinks, giving the control over various challenges in life. The basic technique is known as ‘dynamic meditation’, and involves and ‘projection’ (mentally placing oneself in appropriate hypothetical situation). The instruction emphasizes positive thinking, visualization, meditation, and self-hypnosis. The goal of such mind-training program is to help every person to discover true self-empowerment and awaken the mind’s natural healing ability. Silva himself called the method “subjective education” and “psychorientology” which means “educating the mind to function consciously within its own psychic dimension… becoming aware of the enormity of human potential and learning how to actualize this potential for the better of humanity.”

As engineer Silva was very interested in electric waves and frequencies and looked for any patterns and similarities to functioning. Indeed, he found that human mental abilities may be increased by lowering brain resistance that is to function at alpha and theta levels of mind. At these levels the mind is operating at reduced brain wave frequency in comparison to beta state (14-21 or higher cycles/sec) which is the waking (action) state with all five senses, perception of time and space. Alpha state (7-14 cycles/sec) is associated with light sleep, daydreaming and meditation, intuition, no time and space limitation and theta (4-7 cycles/sec) – deeper sleep and meditation. It was found that through alpha wave functioning one can learn to take control of health, memory, weight, sleep, headaches, unleash the creative potential, develop intuition and generally improve one’s life.

The research continued by investigating brain hemispheres. Biologically, the left brain hemisphere controls sensory and motor nerves on the right side of the body while the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. When it comes to intellectual abilities, it was found that people should learn to think with the right brain hemisphere and act with the left. Those who think and act with only the left brain hemisphere get sick more often with psychosomatic health problems. Right brain thinking is a superior thinking: it allows to consciously use the subconscious information (from sub-conscious to inner-conscious), connects with intuition and higher intelligence. People who think and make decisions with the use of the right brain hemisphere, receive many benefits: they become healthier, happier, luckier, more successful and better decision makers. It is believed that natural geniuses use the right hemisphere.

Besides the right brain hemisphere working on alpha wavelength, there are several rules for mind-body healing proposed:

• Relaxation and quietude.

• Focus your attention on one thing which allows you to develop mental self-control and avoid distraction.

• Visualization or imagery techniques which use picture preferred language of mind.

• Incorporate intention into the process. Set yourself to be well-intended for your goals and expectations.

• Evocation of strong . Imagine and capture yourself feeling fulfilled and satisfied as if your goals and desired outcomes have already taken place. Encourage yourself to feel positive towards yourself. Cherish every drop of beautiful emotions.

• Master the Desire-Believe-Expect thought process. It calls to develop a deep desire for your goal, whole-heatedly believe that it’s possible and fully expect it to happen. In order to achieve that, it is important to eliminate all emotional inconsistencies (do you really want it? OR do you think you want?), strengthen your belief by erasing all personal insecurities, mental restraints and barriers; purify your expectation by letting go all the negativity and self-doubt.