The Page of Wands

The page of wands is describing a young frivolous character that resembles the fool in the card sequence. He brings an important message that seems to have spiritual or intellectual importance. The page of wands is ambitious and inventive. A highly sensitive nature designates the person that is represented through this card. He can react to situations without having fully examined them as his spontaneity illustrates his ignorance about the dangers of the world. When the page of wands appears during a reading it either represents a person that plays an important role into our life with the above characteristics or it suggests a creative recklessness that is yet to be expressed. When it appears in reverse the news that we are receiving do not have a positive undertone. The person we are dealing with is superficial and not worthy of our trust.

The Page of Cups

The that is illustrated on this card is holding a cup with a fish popping its head out of it. The fish is a symbol of unexpected , spiritual development and physical change. It emphasizes the directness of the unpredicted visions that derive from our unconscious and can be transformed into creative growth. If this card does not represent a real person it is an indication of synchronicity, limitless creativity and good news or even on a physical level it could suggest pregnancy or generally change of the physique. It suggest openness to sudden ideas, inspiration and encourages the forces that enable us to listen to our inner voices. This creative intuition can appear through dreams, spontaneous every-day behavioral reactions or even daydreaming. If this card is describing a person in our immediate environment, it suggest that this person is very young either a child or a teenager that through their immature behavior could cause trouble. When the page of cups is reversed it indicates opportunism and amateurism. The appetite for creation is limited and the project that is undertaken may not be completed successfully.


The Page of Swords

This card portrays a young man holding his sword with both his hands standing alone in a rough terrain. The turbulent clouds and untamed birds behind him are indicating a difficulty he has to overcome or a decision that needs to be made. If this card is not describing a person that influence us in our immediate environment it is a symbol for flexibility and courage on a choice we need to make or a project that we are about to undertake. In both cases it suggests a diplomatic ability on the way we are handling the situation. It can also designate that the person involved in the reading is constantly and closely being monitored without even suspecting it. If this card is describing an actual person in our life, it suggests that this person may act in a dangerous yet diplomatic manner on our expense. When it is reversed this card is describing a person that functions secretively and cunningly.

The Page of Pentacles

The page of pentacles is describing a person that has not been brought up in a wealthy environment. This person has not yet have access to riches and luxuries but is certainly has his/her focus on attaining financial growth. Being concentrated and dedicated to this goal, he/she is very close into choosing the right path towards their objective. This card suggests tendency to work persistently, industriousness, deep meaningful thinking, the ability to concentrate and good professional performance. When it is reversed it is a sign for waste, thoughtlessness or professional failure.

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