“Turn your ideas into motion before the mechanism rusts”

If our mind is concerned to think and our heart – to feel, it is wise to say that our is dedicated for action. It is the hand that actualizes and turns into reality all the beautiful and meaningful ideas that come from our heart and mind. Human body is the vehicle and a present to experience and manifest the life, to express and fulfill the needs and desires. Therefore it is our responsibility to take care of it, to nurture and keep it fit and healthy.
Who hasn’t dreamed of a strong and flexible body, full of vigor and endurance? But how to achieve that? For that it is wise to start from the beginning.

Human body is composed mostly of water: from 50 to 75%, some data indicate that our brain is even up to 92% water! Regardless the factual percentage, it is important to understand how much we are in need of access to fresh and pure as it is vital to our physical and mental functioning and performance. It is the key to a balanced and harmonious being. Note that the lack of water may cause various unwanted problems and just by drinking enough quality water may effectively deal with some infections, problematic issues one may face as water is as fuel for our vehicle: it fills our reservoirs with energy, cleanses and (re)balances the body.

Another vital energy source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for well-functioning – food. More and more people do not pay the required to what they eat, others have no time or skills to prepare their own food. Fast food, high meat consumption, low quality and heavily processed food resources are so abundant in today’s society. Seems like one has forgotten the famous saying: we are what we eat. Food impacts our physical and even emotional state. Therefore the food we consume should be fresh, free of chemicals and genetically modified organisms, preferably cooked with attention and love. Interestingly, the blood type is a very important indicator of what one may digest easily and fully benefit from certain types of food. It is very useful to observe how your body reacts to certain food: by eating the right food you may easily avoid problems related to digestion, regulate the weight and keep the body healthier.

Fasting is a great idea to cleanse the body from toxins. Conscious and willing abstinence or reduction from certain or all food (and alcohol!) for some period of time is a good practice to detox the body. Remember that during any type of fasting staying well hydrated is crucial. Just few days of fasting probably wouldn’t negatively affect anyone, however it is always wise to consult a doctor especially before engaging in a longer period of any diet. Note that people with diabetes or any chronic disease, pregnant and breastfeeding woman, the elderly and children should avoid fasting at all times!

Water and food are surely the essential everyday needs of human body but alone they are not enough to keep it healthy and fit. Physical exercises should accompany. Practices such as jogging, swimming, dancing, school-gymnastics, cycling are great examples of simple engagement with physical body. Many more complex systems have been organized and introduced but not all exercises are suitable for all thus one should choose wisely.
There are plenty types of yoga one may choose from: anusara, hatha, ashtanga, kundalini, power yoga… The word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’, it works to balance the energies of the mind with those of the body. Asanas which are special physical postures or exercises together with controlled breathing are central to any type of yoga. Such practices help the mind to calm and the body to become stronger and more balanced. Note that if engaged with any type of yoga (or any other intense physical practice) one should really pay attention to what and when one eats.

Deep breathing exercises by themselves are extremely beneficial when it comes to calming and relaxing the mind and body. Just by paying attention to breathing itself one gets enormous sense of tranquility and refreshment, the better understanding and connection to own body. Such exercises may be practiced alone or in a group at all times of the day (but not right after the meal).