In order to charm a , you need to have a great sense of humor and strongly believe in your personal values. They certainly admire someone that is politically, philosophically aware or interested in social issues. Their beliefs are a strong aspect of their personality and they tend to evaluate others based on their belief system.

In order to impress them and attract their attention you need to fancy playing erotic games especially know how to flirt with them. They love playing hide and capture, so being a little hard to get won’t hurt. They need to feel the excitement of seducing their lover, so if you make it easy for them you will definitely turn them off.

Once you pass the initial stages, you will find that a Sagittarius is by nature a truly romantic being. Even though they tend to be playful even in bed and always need to have a good laugh, they have tender feelings that they need to release for they care deeply about. If romance is not your cup of tea, then it is better not to get intimate with a Sag because you will most likely hurt their feelings.

The most sensitive part of their body are the thighs, so make sure you spend plenty of time caressing and kissing them as there is nothing else that could turn them on more than that. A massage on the thighs would be a fantastic idea for initiating sex with a Sagittarius.

Dirty talk is a must in the bedroom. So don’t hesitate to start a sexy dialogue in order to stimulate their senses. As they are very strong in communication, they love to interact verbally even when it comes to . Try to be thorough in telling exactly what you like in the bedroom and be certain that they will fulfil all your secret sexual desires.

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