You can’t actually seduce a Scorpio because if they fancy you they have already seduced you. The idea though is to keep a Scorpio interested because before long they may . For them everything evolves around sex as they are the most signs of the zodiac cycle. So make sure you keep your libido high and they will go for their interest in you.

Scorpios love sexy underwear and sexy outfits, so firstly you need to stimulate their visual sense in order to seduce them sexually. You need to be able to play mind games but keep in mind that they hate rejection. Just tease them and don’t surrender to them unconditionally.

After making the right moves and you are sexually engaging a Scorpio, you need to forget about all your taboos in the bedroom. If you have sexual reservations it is better not to get involved with a Scorpio as they are extremely kinky when it comes to love-making. With them everything is allowed in the bedroom and if you think otherwise they will notice your reluctance and that can really turn them off. Just relax and enjoy the sexual journey that a Scorpio is going to take you on.

A with a Scorpio can sometimes be too intense to the point that it might become scary. This happens because a Scorpio can sense and feel everything that happens during intercourse, your hesitations, your lust, your passion even your feelings. They are able to receive the vibes coming from your breath, the feel of your skin, the look in your eyes and project them right back to you. This forms a never-ending flow of sexual energy. If you find this experience too extreme then it would be better not get involved with a Scorpio.

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