Libras to be complemented. They love romance and want to hear words of love. Make them feel unique and they won’t be able to stop starring at you. In love making they need to equally please and be pleased. But there is nothing more stimulating for a than to hear their partner moan out of lust for them. So them how much they excite you sexually and you will experience a unique sexual intensity in the bedroom.

The hips are the most sensitive part of the body for a Libra. If you touch their hips softly and rub them against you, you will give them instant pleasure. Take things slow as they love the anticipation of love-making. For them the secret of love-making lies in the magic of foreplay. Don’t hesitate to prologue the love games before sex as this is what excites them the most.

In order to plan a special night with a Libra you need to avoid extravagance. Libras are all about harmony and beauty, so they hate loud music or extreme gestures. To make a Libra notice you, you need to make sure that you look great. That means to take care of your physical appearance but in fine way. Subtle colors and small details on your outfit, such as the kind of belt or the color of your shocks, is something that a Libra would notice and comment on. They prefer a partner that is neither overdressed nor indifferently dressed. Someone that has a refined taste.

With Libras everything is about synchronicity. So saying or doing something in the right moment has a great significance for them. They usually if the sense a feeling of clumsiness or awkwardness with another person. So make sure you make the right impression and keep your spontaneity for later on, when you can actually get to know them better.

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