When you first meet a Virgo you may find it hard to break the social barriers. They may appear cold and distant in the beginning as there is a deeper insecurity that is usually a product of childhood traumas. Don’t feel disheartened because if you dig deeper you will discover the most passionate and tender individual that is there to give you everything.

Virgos are hard to please as they won’t let you please them especially in the beginning of the . They need to feel secure and able to trust their partner in order to fully. They may even seem uncaring at first but that is only a psychological defense mechanism because once they know you are trustworthy they won’t be able to stop offering you their love and attention. Virgos need to feel useful in a relationship and have a natural urge to want to serve others instead of seeing them as equals.

In order to make a Virgo feel at ease, you firstly need to show them that they can trust you. Be honest and offer them your help in anything they are up to at the time. They will appreciate the gesture immensely. They love to please but they secretly need for others to protect them and take care of them for a change. Just show them your love and they will surrender to you unconditionally.

Sexually they have an inherent wish for perfection. They want to be the perfect lovers which sometimes comes in the way as they are less spontaneous than they should be. They tend to lose focus during intercourse due to their psychological need for analyzing the moment, thinking whether everything is going as it should do. In order to make them feel relaxed and at ease, try to be in charge for a while. If you see your worried or aloof while you make love, try to please them in order to take the tension of their mind.

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