Leos are very dominant by nature. But if they feel they have dominated someone with their intense personality they get easily bored. So they need balanced doses of interest and indifference as if they feel rejected they can become malicious.

In order to win their heart and their senses you need to find a way to make them feel special but at the same time try to limit their vanity tendencies. They need to have passionate and intense conversations. These discussions may seem to others as fights where the two of you will feel these debates as an explosion of passion. Try not to irritate them by taking things to far as you don’t want to see this side of a Leo.

Leos need to feel constant intensity in order to feel excited. They want to be challenged and are not afraid to take risks. So you will know if they are in with you, the moment they are ready to sacrifice their comfort for you.
You can attract their by challenging their ideas. Suggest to them to validly justify their viewpoints and they will immediately get cerebral stimulation. You need to stimulate their mind in order to excite their senses. Seduce a Leo by starting an intense discussion with valid viewpoints.

On a physical level they love to be smoothly caressed on the back. They adore massages so don’t hesitate to give them one. They won’t only love the attention that they get but they will adore the sensual feel on their body. The way to their heart is physical and emotional attention.

When a Leo is attracted to you they can’t help but stare at you for hours. They love to admire their object of desire and love to be admired back. When they get sexually aroused they tend to breathe heavily not being able to hide their passion for their lover.

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