Cancers love to be touched tenderly and adore gestures of pure affection. Even a passionate kiss on the chick can make their heart melt. They are the most signs of the zodiac signs so everything you say or do matters. They don’t take anything lightly and they tend to give a lot of emphasis on words and actions.

If you try to complement a cancer, make sure that your comment is sincere and comes from your heart as they have a high level of intelligence. They are tender and caring individuals and they need to be emotionally protected. They hate rude or invasive people and they take offense by malicious comments.

They have great memory skills and it takes a lot for them to forgive someone that has offended them. So even if they are able to forgive you, they will never forget rudeness. They need to know that they are respected and emotionally protected with their partner. So even if you think they are exaggerating keep in mind that inside a Cancer’s heart there is a beautiful and tender emotional world.

Make sure you talk to a cancer with sweetness and good . Don’t hesitate to show your weaknesses as the love to take the role of the ‘mother’ and console and advise you with good intentions. They feel useful and valuable when they can help someone emotionally and by showing your weak points and vulnerabilities you can certainly attract their attention.

On a physical level they love to be touched gently especially on the chest and their belly as it is the most sensitive part of their body. They may be ticklish at first but once you start exploring these areas with your hands and mouth they won’t get enough of it. Spend a lot of time on their breasts and nipples as they are definitely their g-spot.

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