Geminis are highly intellectual individuals. In order to stimulate their senses, you need to excite their mind first. They tend to speak for hours, so you will know that you have caught their attention when they have quieted down and listen to what you have to say. If a gets suddenly silent you should consider it as a definite sign of interest towards you.

They are highly creative and have a genuine thirst for knowledge. Start an exciting conversation about a specialized issue and exchange valuable and specific information with them. Don’t forget to let them speak as they to show off for their expertise. If you manage to catch their interest you will instantly know it because they have suddenly quiet down and are finally listening to what you have to say on the issue.

Art is very important for Geminis. So you should maybe start a discussion about music, cinema, architecture or theatre. They love to explore these issues in depth and have a very analytical way of thinking. They will definitely get excited with the idea that their potential partner is interested in the same subjects and ideas that they are. A passion for art is the strongest characteristic of a Gemini. And as you get to know them you will see that they love to visit museums or go to concerts, the cinema or the theater.

If you manage to seduce their intelligent mind with constructive dialogue then you should definitely go for their hands, as this is their most susceptible part of their body. When you are certain that they are interested in you, hold their hand and softly caress it. Maybe you should even try to complement their hands by suggesting that they should play a musical instrument or by praising their softness. This is the way to a Gemini’s soul.

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