Taurus is ruled by the Goddess Venus, the queen of sensations. Taureans are highly sensitive in the area of the throat, neck and upper back. Touching this parts of their body can really sensor their libido.

In order to their senses you should maybe suggest giving them a massage. Use sensual oils as the scent of flowers or other natural ingredients can really turn them on. If you are not yet at ease with this concept because maybe you don’t know them well enough to suggest something like that. Try and touch them on these parts maybe by accident or make up a reason for it. Tell them maybe that you could give them a haircut and touch the back of their neck while you are describing the haircut style.

Taurus has an intense powerful sensitivity of their senses. They can feel, smell, listen or taste in a more thorough manner. Due to their unique talent of appreciating things aesthetically, they love beautiful surroundings, environments or having a stunning partner by their side.

If you want to entice their interest, you must definitely take good care of your personal appearance. They firstly have to admire the way you look. A beautiful presence would never get to pass unnoticed by a . They can appreciate an attractive man or woman more than any other .

Music is another way of getting a Taurus notice you. You could try and send them some music pieces according to their musical taste. Make sure you create an erotic mind-blowing mood using the feelings that your musical choices will release. If you manage to stimulate their imagination, using the power of music, you would have definitely got their attention for good. Taurus has a very sensitive ear and tends to perceive reality using the influence of sound.

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