Pisces are all about the feet to the point that it may become their perversion. Most of them love a foot rub where others can be turned on by the sight of beautiful feet. Some of them could take it even further. So make sure you give them a sensual foot massage and that would definitely stimulate their senses.

They are the kind of lovers that live to please their partner. This is such an important aspect of their sexuality that they sometimes forget about their own sexual needs. They won’t be satisfied if their partner doesn’t have an intense orgasm and they will everything in their power to accomplish that.

An erotic experience with a can be described as a dreamy one. They love to swim in a river of emotion and they usually take the lover with them. Romance is a must for a Pisces. So, if you tend to see things mostly through logic and underestimate the power of emotion then a Pisces is not the right match for you.

In order to create the best romantic evening for them you need to make sure you put their favorite music on and definitely light some candles. Lovemaking in the bathtub is also a great way to drive them wild as they love the feeling of water on their skin.

They are not likely to initiate or even an intimate relationship but it sometimes may appear like they do, due to their openness towards others. You will know they are interested in you at the moment they become more personal and share more personal experiences with you. They tend to give more of themselves to the ones they truly want to be a part of their lives. Don’t hesitate to show them your true feelings and intentions, a Pisces always appreciates honesty and rewards it.