Aquarius are non-conventional lovers. They usually take a progressive approach to sex. If things become monotonous in the bedroom an may rebel in the most unpredictable manner. In order to keep their interest you should always look for new sex tactics.

If you want stimulate their senses firstly you need to be aware of their hot-spot which is definitely their ankles. This where all the source of their energy. You could either rub them with your feet or explore them with your hands and then you will definitely see an Aquarius in action.

They hate simplicity and always look for the hard way to accomplish things. They need to know that they will suffer a little in order to get things done. This also applies in the bedroom so don’t be the easy target. Make them work for it and you won’t regret it.

Sex is more than the act itself for them. Through erotic contact they want to explore the wants and needs of their lover as well as expressing theirs in a deeper almost metaphysical level. For them sex is a way of connecting two souls together and has a greater psychological significance. So, it can never be just raw sex with them, you need to give them something to look for, something to investigate.

In lovemaking they may take the role of the objective observer and come out of the experience, only to witness and admire the act itself. They the rhythm, the feeling and the essence of lovemaking as much as the stimulation that it may bring to its participants.

The most important aspect of arousing the senses of an Aquarius is experimentation. If you think that you are set in your sexual ways, then it is best not to get involved with an Aquarius, as they love to explore all the possible aspects of love making. They love to constantly change sexual positions and change the pace of the sexual intensity. So if you are single-minded about the process, it is best to look for love elsewhere.

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