Capricorns are known for their endurance in sex. They may take a lot of time to initiate it, as they love foreplay and are suckers for the anticipation but when it comes to the actual act it can last for hours if their partner is up for it. So even though it might take a lot to get really intimate with a Capricorn, it is worth to wait and try.

Their secret g-spot are the knees and especially the area behind. If you softly caress this part of their body you will slowly see them relaxed and comfortable. Try to use your tongue to explore this erogenous zone behind their knees and you will wake up the strongest erotic energy you‘ve ever encountered.

In order to stimulate their senses, you need to take things slow in the bedroom as they enjoy building up an erotic tension with their lover more than anything. Foreplay is what matters the most for a Capricorn and this is why you need to spice things up in this part of the . Teasing them and reversing roles can work wonders. They love to dominate and to be equally dominated sexually. So don’t hesitate to be in charge but keep in mind that rejection can really turn them off, so never take things too far.

They may lack in romance but they take commitment too seriously. So, once they realize that you are for them, they will never have eyes for another. This can be very attractive as they are the most loyal partners in the zodiac cycle.

In order to inspire them and make them feel secure in the you need to prove that you can be as loyal as they are. They hate to think that there other half can have a wild side and this is the thing that scares them the most in relationship. They prefer a serious and modest partner.

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