When our energy is not really flowing inwardly and outwardly, releasing tension and absorbing fresh , our and body becomes stagnant and we become agitated or depressed.

Trying to cope with this feelings in an intellectual level does not always bring results. So, sometimes we need to quiet the mind down and plainly operate with our pure instincts. Practicing is the best way to dispose all the unnecessary thoughts and quiet the mind down.

When meditating we need to practice patience. Thoughts will come and go, even traumatic past experiences may trouble our mind from time to time, we will then need to stay focused and try and observe those thoughts and feelings objectively. We can immediately enjoy the benefits of meditation as we will feel calmer, more peaceful and creative, experiencing a state of bliss. In the following article you can read in detail how meditation helps you clean you energy fields and balance your chakras!

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I want to describe the process I go through to clear stagnant energy from my subtle body and open up the chakras. This is something that has brought enormous joy into my life, peace into my heart, cleared away anxiety and depression, and also brought much greater health and energy to my physical body as well. I’ve learned to not worry, and to work with life instead of struggling against it. It’s also brought greater intuition, empathy and artistic talent into my life. It’s been a holistic change, and I could easily write a whole article just listing the benefits alone.

Before I get into the process more, I need to do a bit of a disclaimer. This is not something to be done ritualistically. It’s not meant to encourage unconscious, habitual repetition, in fact it’s meant to break you out of that. This is about living life, your life, and how you do that is up to you. You are beautifully unique and this isn’t about telling you the right and wrong ways to live your life. This is what has worked for me, and I’m sharing it with the intention that it may assist you as well.

Now the first step is to quiet the mind. To consciously clear the energetic body, you need to be aware of it, and that’s very difficult when an overactive mind is constantly demanding attention. This is

where meditation comes in, learning to let go of the mind and embrace Consciousness. Meditation is simply quieting the mind, it doesn’t matter so much how you do it. I started with sitting closed-eyed, alone, in a quiet room, then gradually expanded the meditation to encompass every aspect of my life. Eventually I stopped needing a peaceful outer environment to have a peaceful inner environment, though at first, a peaceful, quiet spot was very helpful in quieting the mind…

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