In modern times, the demands in our everyday life can be very challenging.

We may find it difficult to dedicate some to ourselves in order to release the tension and the stress of our . Meditation is a stress relief technique that can be easily adjusted to a busy program. We can add meditation to our daily activities simply by experiencing them in an attentive, mindful way.

For example, when we take a bath, we can stop and take deep breaths, focusing on how the water flows on our body cleansing our chakras and releasing the unnecessary tension. By paying close attention to the movement of the water we can gain total control of the pace of time and gain awareness of the passing moments. Meditating in the shower can help us experience the ‘here and now’ at a time where we would possibly neglect experiencing truly. If you want to know 7 simple ways to put mediation into your busy life, read the following article.

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How can we possibly find time to meditate or mindfulness in our busy lives?  Among all the chaos it is hard to keep up with life let alone find time to meditate and practice ‘being in the now.’

Well, we have found 7 ways to make this practice part of your everyday life without changing around your schedule!

1. In the Shower

Whenever you take a bath or a shower use this time to cleanse your energy.  Take some deep breaths and visualise the water washing all of the stress and negative energy away.  This can be a powerful technique for balancing your chakras and feeling great.  Practice slowing down your breathing and feel the amazing power of the water.

If you have seen our spirit science video on water maybe you can also practice sending love energy to the water or put healing crystals near the faucet so that the water coming through your house is cleaned energetically too.


2. Tea & Drinks

If you drink any sort of herbal or natural beverage try slowing down.  Take the time to savor the many smells and flavors of the drink.  Take the time to breathe slowly, reflect, meditate and really be aware of that moment in your life.  Visualise the healing that comes when you fill your body with good healthy fluids…

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