Truth can be found in everything that surrounds us.

Whether we are having painful, happy or even dull experiences, we can experience the reality in them when we are living in the present. We may start to notice that sorrow and happiness may have similar characteristics, the same structure. We tend to distinguish the two and see sorrow as something unfortunate where in reality there is no difference between the two, apart from when we involve the ‘Self’ and the emotions are conquering the essence of the present. The only truth is that when we live in the present everything is ephemeral and nothing is stagnant.

The first step in order to start meditating in the present time is to understand the true nature of change. Change is everywhere and change is constant. We are constantly transforming into a different being as every momentary experience alter us either slightly or greatly and everything else around us is also changing. If we start to look at life as a constant, everlasting transformation we will realize that there is no security in stability. The ‘Self’ is mistaken when is seeking happiness in absolute ideas and permanency. There is no intransience in the flow of the moment. When we embrace the idea of universal change consciously we can give up hoping for stability and surrender to true living.

Past memories or future thoughts can be tricky to tame. The key for meditating in the is to not reject, translate or engage with them. Simply accept them for what they are. Do nothing. Let them come, see them for what they are (just a dead past or future worries) and let them die the same way they were risen. When we are looking at a memory without emotional involvement, it tends to deconstruct itself and do its cycle quicker. It rises and falls without our self-attachment. It becomes obsolete. The same goes for future thoughts. When you don’t contribute anything to a thought, it cannot influence you in any way. If we start practicing this method for attaining the ‘here and now’ it will soon become a habitual practice and will require no effort. The ‘now’ will just be happening naturally.

In the now, ideas, speculations and expectations are absent. There is only living from moment to moment. Seeing and experiencing. We have stopped searching. Everything comes and goes naturally, a constant stream of life.


Our ‘Self’ makes plans or formulates a schedule for the future with the hope that life can be more successful that way. Everything needs to be in order and the ‘Self’ should have control of what comes next out of fear of the unexpected. What we don’t realize is that the unexpected will come anyway and if we try and manipulate it, we are not truly living. We live in fear for the unknown. We must embrace the idea of the unknown in order to let it flow unconditionally.

In order to achieve the balance that the requires we need to stop our agitating mind from taking control with the tool of memory and thought. When we liberate ourselves from hope and expectation, we may feel insecure in the beginning. This is natural. But soon we will comprehend that this insecurity is only an impression that the mind imposes to our inner self. In reality we are free. When living in the present there is no risk and no reward. Everything is balanced in the natural flow of life, in the of the moment. When we experience the benefits of the now, insecurity becomes obsolete.