The Queen of Wands

The feminine nature of this figure is represented here in addition to the noblest qualities of the female sex. The queen is patient, with an open mind and constant thirst for knowledge. This card is a symbol for fidelity and fertility. It suggests the ability to conquer any potential goal. As each of the court cards represents either a person or a situation, the is also a metaphor for generosity, higher intellect, forward-thinking and honesty. She has all the required attributes that are needed in order to have a position of leadership. When this card is reversed the queen becomes oppressive not leaving any breathing spaces for the people that she cares for. She is expressing her judgment in a firm manner that is usually perceived as hypercritical. She can become vindictive with no apparent reason. Her characteristics can describe a difficult situation or an unexpected event that may occur.

The Queen of Cups

The queen of cups is the ruler in the kingdom of emotions. This beautiful, female figure is sitting on her opulent throne, holding a golden cup that is this time covered, leaving its content unknown, a content that describes her positive qualities. She seems too modest to display these qualities to the world. The queen of cups inspires confidence and trust when is describing an actual person. The card may also suggest success, happiness and prosperity in the near future. When it is reversed during a tarot reading it describes a clever yet manipulative . She is not trustworthy and can lay out traps in the path of the person concerned. It may also indicate the suppression of emotions that lay in the subconscious. The person needs to reach deeper and embrace any thoughts or feelings that truly bother them, facing their fears and discarding the guilt that stops them from moving ahead.


The Queen of Swords

The describes a woman that has gone through many difficulties in life and has a mature and wise outlook on reality. She seems contained yet the sorrows she has endured are deeply carved in her heart. The card may suggest that this woman is a widow or that the people she held most dearly in her heart are now gone. She is a free-thinker and she is socially acceptable. Strong and sensible, this figure cannot be subjected to any form of manipulation. This card also suggest decisiveness and unclouded intellect. When the card is reversed the queen transforms into an irresponsible and conservative figure. She becomes hostile and her experience in life is no longer a good influence. The card reversed can also represent an altered, distorted perception on important issues that may occur.

The Queen of Pentacles

This card designates a very fortunate incident or situation that the person involved in the reading can use for their benefit in order to accomplish a practical goal. The queen of pentacles inspires security, stability and assertiveness. When describing an actual person, this card speaks of a creative and industrious woman that is involved in social and financial issues. She is a woman of action and is focused on her planning skills. She is not interested in rewards and uses her appeal on realistic terms. When the card is reversed it suggests a situation that evolves rapidly and is not manageable anymore. The factors that define the current state of affairs are not easy to deal with. The person concerned can only depend to external components to resolve their issues. When the card is describing a person, it suggest a corrupt woman.

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