There are various factors the reader needs to take into consideration in order to interpret a tarot spread as accurately as possible. Initially, we should emphasize our focus on the first impression that the tarot layout is giving us.

1. By observing the general image of the spread, we can then start noticing all the associations between the symbolisms of the cards and the relations of their position with one another. The general perception of the evident connections of the cards, in terms of symbolism and position should not be expressed to the initially, because it might be inaccurate. This observation should be kept in mind while entering deeper to the detailed meanings of the cards.

2. We will be able to observe whether the number of the cards is exceeding the number of the cards, when using both Arcanas. Also if the number of cards that belong to one suit outbalances the number of the other, taking into consideration the position they represent (e.g. past, future, hopes and fears etc.), is an indication that helps our interpretation be more precise.

If the Major Arcana cards are greater in number than the Minor Arcana cards, it means that the issues that concern the seeker are not under their control. Their situation or question has a more existential character and involves external factors. The layout then is more related to the source of the problem.

If the Minor Arcana cards are greater in number than the Major Arcana cards, the issues that concern the seeker are based on their everyday life and routine. They are more specific and can have an immediate solution. The seeker can control their state of affairs and can define their path for the future.


3. If a specific suit of cards outbalances another, we must take into consideration the qualities of this suit in order to interpret the general impression of the layout. For example, if we get a majority of wands, there is a clear hint for a period of change and fertile activity.

For the majority of cups, the indications are positive. We have a suggestion for love emitted inwardly and outwardly and an effortless way to deal with issues that arise.

For the majority of swords, are struggling to accomplish the desired goals and sometimes we face aggression. The seeker will need to use a lot of energy and work hard to acquire the long wanted outcome.

For the majority of pentacles, the issues have a financial or professional undertone. Political action is also suggested.

4. When the reader can observe the majority of reversed cards, they have a clear indication that the initial source of the problems is the seeker. They are deliberately sabotaging themselves either out of ignorance or weakness. In this case it is important to interpret the cards in a nonjudgmental manner but clearly suggest to the seeker the truth about their psychological situation.

5. After scrutinizing the general perception of the layout, the reader can start interpreting the spread, creating a narrative, using all the appropriate symbolism in relation to the position, nature and signs of the cards. Only if the cards are giving us a very vague interpretation or we are unable to connect the card symbols with one another, it is acceptable to gather the cards back and start a new reading. If they then face the same problem, it is suggested to leave the reading for another day.

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