Every Zodiac sign can have different personality traits but also some similar facial features.

For example Cancers tend to have big far- apart or heavy eye-lashes. Women have round faces where men have rigid facial bone lines. They both have prominent foreheads. Geminis usually have a spark in their eyes and a witty smirk that is always there even when they are serious. Leos usually have thick beautiful hair. Their bottom lip is a lot fuller proportionally than the upper lip and their eyebrows are intense.

Virgos have very clear and balanced facial . Their strong and sensitive eyes are their most evident feature. Their bodies are usually well proportioned. Taurus usually have an attractive and charming look with a prominent forehead and full, large lips. In order to guess someone’s without even asking them, read the following article to get Zodiac appearance tips.

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2 Taurus: materialistic but dependable

These earthy creatures enjoy the fine things in life. Often they’re slow acting, but great at managing money! They love the outdoors, gardening, food and eating! They may appear innocent with childlike eyes, full lips, a low forehead, and a slightly thicker than usual neck with an attractive face.

3 Gemini: social and informative

Adaptable to almost any situation, they flourish in conversations. Often they’re the playful ones at the party making witty jokes. You’ll notice though that they’re inconsistent and sometimes moody. Look closely there’s a mischievous smile, a youthful appearance and sparkling eyes.

4 Cancer: sensitive and romantic

These creatures are prone to unpredictable moods and withdraw when hurt or offended. They like home-cooked meals and quality family time. Look for far-apart eyes, innocent facial features, a prominent forehead and an upturned nose. They may have a top-heavy body appearance…

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