In many ways we are completely attached to our egos and self-consciousness.

Everything we do, think or say has to be filtered by the voice of the ‘self’. This voice is there to judge and be partial to our decisions each . When we experience awareness and the power of the ‘here and now’ we are able to put the ‘self’ aside as we learn not to attach ourselves to anything material or insubstantial. We are purified by the flow of the and learn to be aware of everything that is going on around us or inside of us.

When we surrender to the present, true happiness emerges. If we crave to sustain ourselves in this state of bliss, we are moving further away from inner freedom. Desire can instantaneously kill the steam of happiness capturing us in the claws of unfulfilled emotions. If we try to keep hold of this experience, hoping it will last for a longer period of time, we will lose everything we have put our effort on. On the other hand, if we manage to remain focused and objective of our current situation we will preserve this state of bliss and take our capacity to achieve awareness to a further level.

Inner freedom has nothing to do with the fulfillment of our needs and desires. What our mind and body wants can only give power and control to the ‘self’. We must form an objective spirit that can see beyond the voice of the ‘I’ into the depths of wakefulness. When we are awake we are not afraid. We are able to see suffering or loss as something natural, as a part of the flow of the present moment.

The mind will instinctively try and avoid the by bringing to life past memories. This way it can become dependent upon the past and the future and avoid the path to inner freedom. The true freedom lies in the liberation from the ‘I’. We shall free ourselves from our egos and self-conscious needs and desires in order to fully exist in the present moment. Any stress that the passing of time is creating is highly connect with the way our ‘self’ perceives the past and the future. When we learn to live each moment to the fullest, time becomes absolute. Each moment will have indefinite duration.


Our need for security and stability make us maintain the idea of everlasting time. We desire for things to last forever because we need to feel safe. This is caused by our darkest fear, death. But this way we disregard the lessons of life. In life nothing is permanent. Everything changes constantly. Every living, breathing moment the whole universe is transforming into something new and different. How can we synchronize with this relentless transformation?

The essence of life is by itself a contradiction to eternity. How can we deconstruct eternity from our fearful mind? Firstly we need to learn how to overcome our fear of death. We are born every moment and every moment we die just like our breath. As we inhale we are born and as we exhale we die. It is as simple as that. Time has nothing to do with life, death or each passing instant. We may observe this on a smaller scale. Let’s translate death into suffering and let’s observe ourselves when we are feeling sad. If we truly perceive our misery as something natural, a state that is not there to stay permanently, but to pass, change like everything else in the universe we live in, then we will realize that our suffering has already gone. If we truly experience pain, the pain will flow just like life flows. If we follow the stream of the present we can attain inner freedom.